**Showcasing its capabilities in Defence and Aerospace Sectors**

BEML Primoco UAV'150'

BEML is showcasing some of its prime products during AERO INDIA 2021, the biennial mega Aero exhibition, being held in Bangalore, from 3rdFeb to 5th Feb. 2021. With the theme of 'Atmanirbharata'; include niche products such as Transporter Landing System (TLS) and Variants of Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). In the indoor Stall, BEML is also displaying various equipment and critical components in the aero-space sector.

BEML's focus at AERO Show is to display its capability, promote Aerospace & Defence products and to interact with potential customers and also to explore collaborations. BEML would be signing MoUs, to enter into collaborations with major players in the Defence &Aerospace Business. BEML would also be using the opportunity to network with MSMEs and Start-ups to maximize its efforts of localization / indigenization. 

Transporter Landing System

TLS being displayed in BEML Outdoor Stall is a ground-based precision landing system which can improve access to airports where terrain or land constraints make instrument lending system (ILS) installation infeasible or cost-prohibitive. TLS works over any terrain using directional antennas and can be installed even on short runways ending with water / obstructions. It would be manufactured in India by BEML in collaboration with Advanced Navigation and Positioning Corporation, USA.

BEML Primoco UAV- 'One 150', the state-of-the-art UAV designed for civilian and also military uses is one of the centre pieces in BEML Indoor Stall. It is built to take off and land autonomously also in poor weather conditions. It can fly continuously for 15 hours and has a 200 kms radio range. This UAV can be used for surveillance, monitoring, boarder patrolling and law enforcement. Primaco UAV is planned to be built in India in Collaboration with Primaco, Czech Republic.

BEML is also displaying the 25 kg Class Tactical UAV being developed indigenously in collaboration with Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. The UAV is intended to carry versatile payloads of 3.0 kg, such as day & night cameras. It can take off and land in short runways, fly continuously for 8 hours and has 50 kms radio range
Tactical UAV25 kg Class 

BEML Limited, the leading multi-technology, multi-product company, is engaged in the design, development and manufacturing of a wide range of products for core sectors of economy such as Defence, Mining, Power, Infrastructure and Urban Transportation. Presently over 87% of total business is won against tough competition mainly from MNCs, while above 68% of the business comes from in-house R&D developed products. BEML Limited has exported its products to over 68 countries.