Walplast Products Pvt. Ltd. invests Rs 300 crores in capacity expansion

Walplast Products Pvt. Ltd., a leading building materials manufacturer and the third-largest producer of Wall Putty in India makes a significant investment of Rs. 300 crores in new capacity expansions and setting up greenfield projects. These new plants located in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh will enhance Walplast's capacities for White, Grey and Gypsum products by 8,00,000 metric tons (MT) annually.

Walplast has acquired approximately 3 lakh square meters of land for these greenfield projects. The substantial land acquisition reflects the company’s commitment to infrastructure development and its focus on expanding its market presence. The plants are expected to be commissioned within the next 8 to 10 months, further establishing Walplast's leadership in the construction materials industry.

Kaushal Mehta, Managing Director of Walplast Products Pvt. Ltd., stated, "We have witnessed consistent demand for our products across various regions. These new plants will not only increase our production capabilities but also help us better serve our customers by ensuring faster delivery and enhanced product availability. This investment marks a significant milestone in our journey towards providing superior construction solutions, reinforcing our commitment to quality and innovation in the building materials sector.”

This investment is also set to create numerous job opportunities in the local areas, significantly boosting employment and economic development. We are dedicated to hiring and training local talent, offering extensive skilling opportunities to uplift the workforce and equip them with advanced manufacturing skills. We are committed to nurturing a culture of skill development and employee welfare, to build a highly competent and driven workforce that will be the cornerstone of our continued growth and achievement.

Moreover, our growth and marketing strategies include robust upskilling and re-skilling of our human capital, ensuring a productive and satisfied workforce. We believe in the potential of local communities, and our new plants will provide substantial job opportunities, promoting regional development and economic prosperity.

It is also noteworthy that Walplast's HomeSure portfolio has experienced remarkable year-on-year growth across various product categories, reflecting its commitment to meeting the evolving needs of customers. Impressively, Tile Adhesive recorded a 51% growth, with the highest growth observed across Rajasthan, followed by Maharashtra, Gujarat, Punjab, and Tamil Nadu region, while Gypsum Plaster saw a substantial 101% increase in Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Madhya Pradesh. Additionally, Textures boasted a notable 35% growth in Jharkhand, and Gypsum Board saw a commendable 24% rise in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. The company also successfully launched “HomeSure MasterTouch Paints” a new product line last year, i.e. Primer, Distemper & Emulsions, further diversifying its product portfolio and solidifying its position as a leader in the industry.

With a network of over 800 active distributors, 6000+ dealers, and more than 65,000 influencers, the HomeSure division continues to be a preferred choice in the construction ecosystem, providing superlative customer experiences in product performance, solutions, and services. These new plants are set to push Walplast to new heights, ensuring continued growth.