Daimler AG Ready To Bring Electric Trucks In India

Commercial vehicle maker Daimler AG has completed five years in India with the Bharat Benz brand and expanded its portfolio with the country's first ever Euro V compliant truck. On the sidelines of the launch, the manufacturer, while interacting with the media, said that it is also exploring the option of introducing electric trucks in the country. Having launched the Fuso e Canter electric truck in New York last week ahead of Tesla's upcoming electric semi-truck, the German auto giant said that it has the technology, products and understanding of producing electric commercial vehicles and is ready to bring the same to India.

Speaking to the media, Head of Daimler Trucks Asia, Marc Llistosella said that the firm is ready to bring electric trucks to India, provided it gets the infrastructure support, local partnership and cooperation from the local civic bodies. The company harped on the fact that while the technology was present with it Internationally, India was yet to provide the right infrastructure to support electric vehicles. The statement only adds to the uncertainty of the country reaching the government's plan of becoming an all-electric nation by 2030.

Llistosella further said, "The government needs to show real cases of electric infrastructure for vehicles. Not prototypes, but real cases which work." That said, the company did not provide a timeline for the launch of its electric commercial vehicles in India.

The Indian government has been pushing the electric vehicle programme rampantly and aims to make the country all-electric by 2030. However, without the needed infrastructure to support electric vehicles, the aim seems far-fetched.

Daimler further said that if it gets the opportunity to bring electric trucks to India, the company will first run the same in metropolitan cities. The manufacturer could bring medium-duty electric trucks first in the country and do the pilot run in cities like Mumbai that provide the upscale infrastructure for an electric vehicle