When Size Matters The Most

Large size Precast Box Culvert [7m x 3m] Casting Solution by Apollo HawkeyePedershaab in India

Apollo HawkeyePedershaab Concrete Technologies Pvt. Ltd. [AHCT] – an Apollo Inffratech Group company - creates a record of sorts recently by producing Biggest Precast Box Culvert Size 7M x 3M x 1.25M – 650 mm wall weight 44.8 Ton each in India using its unique Egg Lay /Form Vibration - Modular Mould Equipment using Dry Concrete (Zero Slump)

It’s an achievement by Team AHCT. To achieve such a great feat what you need is world-class technology, precision engineering, and extraordinary efforts & commitment from the engineers.

Apollo Inffratech Group is always in the forefront to bring cutting edge technologies in concrete and asphalt equipment in India. AHCT’s Egglay Drycast Modular Form technology is one such endeavour. 

What is AHCT’s Modular Box Forms 

Versatile box section forming components

Apollo HawkeyePedershaab modular box culvert equipment is the world’s premier forming system utilized by market leaders in all corners of the globe. Adjustable and versatile, this equipment is designed for dry-cast concrete and is used to produce boxes, 3-sided boxes & double boxes. Conventional jacket vibration style form equipment is available, as well as advanced synchronized core vibration for maximum compaction and density.

System Benefits Adaptable components.

The modular form, joint ring and Stiffening components can be configured to manufacture a wide range of products with a single set of components.

Precise assembly.

Forming components are pegged and machined to facilitate precise assembly for the manufacture of high-quality box sections.

Exact joint ring segments.

Machined joint ring segments are capable of manufacturing both gasketed or mortar joints.

Diverse vibration applications.

Vibration styles are available for various applications, including: conventional jacket vibration and powerful synchronized core vibration. All are controlled by a computerized vibration control module.

As compared to other modular box form systems, Apollo HawkeyePedershaab offers these important advantages:

Variable depth jacket structure. Reinforces jacket in key stress areas, yet permits overall form flexibility for adequate vibration transmission.

Large core assemblies are designed with integral stiffeners to limit deflection of core segments for the production of dimensionally accurate box products.

EasySet jacket-to-pallet centering devices are threaded to permit precise and easy adjustment.

Pallets incorporate a torsion-resisting structural profile to resist twisting and torquing of the pallet during demolding and curing.

Headers accept bolt-on adapters to adjust the wall thickness for various size boxes.

Form designs available for form-applied vibration processes.


The Apollo HawkeyePedershaab modular box form system incorporates adjustable steel forms to produce box culverts up to 7 meters in span and 3 meters* in rise in varying lengths and wall thicknesses. (*Larger dimensions may be produced if such a need exists.) The moulds are designed for use with a variety of manufacturing systems, including: wet-cast, egg-lay, and use on Apollo HawkeyePedershaab or other makes of vibration machines.

1. Versatile Production

The modular box form is designed for use on HawkeyePedershaab machines, but is capable of being used on independent dry cast production stations or machines of different makes.

2. Precise Products

The modular box form system is engineered to produce boxes with unmatched precision and incomparable dimensional accuracy. The form’s heavy-duty construction and the accurate fit of the form segments permit the manufacture of box products with tolerances precise enough for gasketed box culvert applications.

3. Optional Synchronized Core Vibration

The modular form core includes integrated, synchronized vibrators to provide the primary source of vibration. This exclusive vibration process allows the form to be built with rigid stiffeners to minimize form deflection for the manufacture of precise and dimensionally accurate products.

4. Accurate Joints

Torsional, heavy duty pallets ensure structural integrity throughout the production process for accurate joints.

5. Flexible, Modular Design

Adjustable, steel form components provide flexibility in the selection of critical dimensions, including length, span, rise, and wall thickness.

For further information contact: sales@ahct.in/ upendra@ahct.co.in  or Call on +91 90990 86697 / 98200 04690