Milestones to success - Mixers with new, service-oriented features

The quality of raw materials plays a decisive factor in being able to achieve a homogenous mix of high-quality concrete inside the mixers. Both the raw materials and mixers significantly influence the appearance and performance of the finished concrete products. The production of main mix and face mix concrete have different criteria meaning the respective mixers require specific solution-based approaches. While in main mix concrete production, the primary requirement is to achieve the highest possible quantity of concrete while maintaining the quality, the focus in face mix concrete production is on achieving the highest possible quality while limiting the quantity to small batches. In addition to the pure performance of a mixer, plant operators value its serviceability and ease of maintenance. In 2022, Masa exhibited the PH 2000/3000 mixer optimized for main mix concrete production and the special S 350/500 face mix mixer at bauma in Munich. For both models, Masa engineers had developed new, service-oriented features.

Masa has been differentiating between different mixer concepts for main mix and face mix concrete for many years. The mixers of the PH class have been an integral part of the Masa mixer portfolio for decades. The Masa S 350/500 for face mix concrete was first built in 2008 and made its first public appearance at the NCMA Icon Expo in Indianapolis, USA in 2013. The high-tech mixer, then called Twister, was a real crowd puller at the Masa booth in Indianapolis as well as at bauma 2013. Stagnation is regression, which is why the mixer specialists at Masa do not lose sight of continuing to optimize our products. Both small, detailed modifications and larger improvements contributed to the overall changes that are impressive and were most recently presented in Munich at bauma 2022.

PH 2000/3000: Reliable supplier of large main mix concrete quantities

One noticeable feature of the Masa PH mixers that stands out at first glance is the massive and solid construction, which is reflected in its overall weight. For example, the largest Masa PH 3000/4500 mixer weighs significantly more than many of its competitors. Even the PH 2000/3000, which is almost 18 t, cannot be considered lightweight. The significant increase in the amount of steel used is noticeable: The overall design has a very high flexural rigidity, and the mixing trough is very dimensionally stable. As a result, the side scrapers, for example, continuously deliver reliable work results. In addition, the extra steel also increases the durability of the mixer.

The PH 2000/3000 main mix mixer with a powerful planetary gearbox and two external 45 kW drive motors of energy efficiency class IE3 can achieve a maximum output of 2,250 l per mixing cycle. Overall, it is characterized by short mixing cycles, low wear, and very high plant uptime.

Masa mixer portfolio for different requirements

Mixing on the PH 2000/3000 is performed by three robust mixing stars arranged in different positions. Each mixing star has three streamlined mixing arms, with one mixing arm installed offset in height. This arrangement takes into account the respective filling level of the material to be mixed and has a particularly positive effect on the homogeneity of the mixed concrete. The entire batch is captured and mixed uniformly and continuously.