Top quality lightweight formwork for a luxury tower block in Bahrain

With its low weight and great power - Kooheji Con-tractors are relying on the NeoR lightweight form-work from PASCHAL for efficient formwork con-struction and dismantling.

 Luxury apartments, offices and retail premises will be part of a new and architecturally ambitious pro-ject in Bahrain: The Onyx Skyview.

The skyscraper will provide 435 luxury apartments, 40 offices and seven retail premises and will also in-clude landscape features with a view of the skyline of Manama and an unobstructed view of the sea.

The Onyx Skyview project is a testament to Bah-rain's architectural ambition, redefining luxury living in the country.

Kooheji Contractors, long term partner of PASCHAL and one of the leading construction companies in Bahrain is using the NeoR lightweight formwork from PASCHAL for the construction of the lift shafts for the 53-storey building complex.

Eng. Abdulrahim Al Kooheji, Chief Contracting Of-ficer - Kooheji Contractors, expressed his confi-dence in PASCHAL and the longstanding partner-ship, stating, "We are pleased to collaborate with PASCHAL once again on the Onyx Skyview pro-ject. Their NeoR lightweight formwork is the perfect solution for our construction needs, ensuring effi-ciency and precision throughout the process.”

PASCHAL and Kooheji are once again crowning their joint history of success which began many decades earlier on a considerably smaller scale.

By combining cutting-edge formwork solutions with visionary architectural design, Onyx Skyview aims to become an iconic landmark in Bahrain's ever-growing skyline.

NeoR lightweight formwork is also for world-class structural engineering