Neuron Energy Elevates Indian Drone Industry with Cutting-Edge LIPO HV Batteries

Neuron Energy’s Revolutionary Drone Batteries to Unleash the Potential of Aerial Innovation

Neuron Energy Pvt Ltd, a manufacturer of smart EV batteries, is set to transform the Indian drone industry with its latest innovation – the LIPO HV Battery specially designed for electric drones. This game-changing product is poised to meet the dynamic needs of India’s burgeoning drone ecosystem, comprising delivery and logistics, aerial photography, and survey mapping segments.

Neuron has meticulously developed their LIPO HV Battery packs, featuring an XT90 Anti Spark Plug specially designed for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). These battery packs are engineered to deliver exceptional performance, providing drones with the power they need to operate seamlessly. With a discharge rate of 10C and a max burst discharge rate of 20C, these battery packs ensure consistent power output for a variety of drone applications. Moreover, Neuron’s commitment to precision is evident in the net weight of these packs, which is a mere 2577 grams approximately. Neuron’s drone battery packs are poised to become the standard for reliability and performance in the industry.

“Neuron’s innovative range of electric drones consists of three distinct SKUs, each meticulously tailored to cater to the unique requirements of diverse sectors within the Indian drone market. In the delivery and logistics drone segment, Neuron’s drones are equipped to efficiently meet the growing demands of businesses in India’s logistics industry. For photography enthusiasts and professionals, our drones offer exceptional aerial photography capabilities, capturing awe-inspiring moments from entirely new perspectives. Lastly, Neuron’s survey mapping drones, designed for the survey mapping segment, provide highly accurate and detailed mapping solutions, proving invaluable to industries such as agriculture, construction, and environmental monitoring,” said Mr. Pratik Kamdar, CEO & Co-Founder, Neuron Energy.

Furthermore, Neuron Energy is committed to ensuring the widespread availability of their LIPO HV Batteries across India. To achieve this, they are actively exploring partnerships with leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to supply their drone battery packs. These collaborations will strengthen their presence in the Indian drone ecosystem, making their products readily accessible to drone enthusiasts, businesses, and professionals throughout the country.