With a dash of imagination and MB Crusher units, everything can be recycled and reused, even the most "peculiar" materials

Recycling is imperative to reduce pollution, save raw materials and protect the environment in which we live. A question often arises, "Can it be recycled?" In some cases, answering NO seem the easier way out, but is it? Is it just a "NO, it cannot be recycled" sign of a bit of laziness and a lack of out-of-the-box thinking?

Throwing away materials is not convenient, as well as doing damage to the environment. As Annie Leonard said: -There is no such thing as" away"; when we throw anything away, it must go somewhere. –

So let's use our imagination and creativity and recycle even" odd" materials! Some of our clients have shown us that it is easier with MB Crusher units; they are recycled and also earn money in the process. Here are the stories of some customers who have managed to give a second life to even the most unthinkable materials. Hoping that these testimonies can inspire those who still do not believe that, in one way or another, everything can have a new purpose.


Imagine a car dealership showroom, with all the shiny cars parked in an orderly row. Now replace them with tubs. Yes, porcelain tubs, the ones you use for a nice relaxing bath. The client in question specialises in demolitions and recoveries. By installing an MB-HDS323 padding bucket on its Hitachi Zaxis 240 excavator, it was able to recycle and reuse hundreds of faulty porcelain bathtubs. The MB Crusher sorting bucket was fitted with RM hammer rotors, thanks to which it was possible to reduce the volume of the material and therefore save on the number of truck trips to the recovery plant.


In for a dirtier job! The MB-HDS314 padding bucket mounted on an ATLAS 220 W is no longer treating bathtubs but foundry by-products. The aim is the same: to recycle and earn! As MB Crusher units have a wide range of rotors and they are exchangeable directly on-site depending on the work to be done, each unit provides huge flexibility; in this client yard, the rotors have screened and separated the foundry scrap, such as synthesised slag and steel casting scrap, dividing the aggregates from the ferrous residues. So that the steel is sold to steel mills, while the aggregate is to companies that deal with road paving or asphalt production. One machine transformed residue into products.


General waste is a common material, but how it is handled is so imaginative. The company processes general waste that are received from local companies: that is a lot of different materials to be divided, but they are all destined to have a new life. These are, in fact, "saved" by passing through a process that sorts them. But how do they get thoroughly divided? They are rescued by a knight in shiny armour, with real Hardox armour! We are talking about the MB-G450 sorting grapple. The MB Crusher hydraulic grapple is so versatile that it can cope with any condition without sparing itself, 365 days out of 365, working interruptedly without any limit. It is agile, speeds up the sorting of the material and is precise, and it can grab even small materials, such as plastic pieces. And let’s not forget that thanks to its dimensions it can adapt to work in confined areas as well.

Hopefully, we have proven that saying YES to recycling is easy to say and also to do! With just a hint of imagination, creativity and MB Crusher units, you can find practical solutions to recovering exhausted materials and transforming them into economic value and environmental sustainability. If you have any ideas or want to tell us how you use MB Crusher units, do not hesitate to send them to us!