Tipper Trucks Backbone of Construction and Mining Industry

Trucking plays an essential role in supporting the transportation process in construction and mining industry. From transportation of construction materials and equipment to construction sites or overburden removal and movement of minerals in mining sites, and aggregate transportation at quarries; construction and mining activities relies heavily on tipper trucks for transportation.

The increasing numbers of infrastructure and major construction projects which are in ongoing developmental phase have resulted in increased demand for tipper trucks in India. Road construction projects along with irrigation and quarry are fueling the growth of tipper truck market. Additionally, increasing need for transporting high volumes of aggregates, along with the significant demand for multi-axle trucks, backed by the rise in hauling and tipping more output per day are some of the major factors driving the growth of the India tipper truck market. The market is also driven by the rising government expenditure on urban infrastructure projects along with the emergence of fuel-efficient tipper trucks to prevent growing pollution level.

Expanding mining sector has also resulted in increased demand for tipper trucks. Mining activity demands off-site and far-away operations which require heavy commercial vehicles such as tipper trucks to handle the material transportation needs. Rising mining projects especially for coal production, generates a huge demand for medium or heavy tipper trucks in India. Additionally, the demand for power and cement industries have resulted in the growth of mining sector. Tipper trucks are technologically most advanced and the safest trucks to operate in high demanding and tough mining conditions.

Where there’s more demand and growth, there’s a brighter scope for product evolution and improvements. The tipper truck segment in India is undergoing dramatic transformation in recent times, both in terms of diversification of products to cater to various applications and price points and evolution of trucks in themselves technologically. Gone are the days when tippers were considered as bare basic work mules, a class that doesn’t necessarily warrant any premium-ness or technological goodies.

Truck makers are fast expanding their tipper stable to incorporate a plethora of axle load configurations and engine power options, especially in the mid-premium ‘value’ segment that aims to strike a balance between affordability and premium comfort.

The types of trucks used in construction include all GVW classes from heavy classes to pickup trucks class, and various types of bodies, including concrete mixers, dumps, and water trucks. Trailers are used to haul equipment and materials, and service trucks help keep fleets up and running.

While construction trucks vary in features and equipment, they share a common focus on durability and increased towing and hauling capacities. Passing through enormous innovative technological modifications, tipper trucks are also now offering both cost effective dumping and haulage solutions to the construction and mining industry.