Mini but Powerful

A mobile jaw crusher for backhoe loaders helps a contractor overcoming challenges in road construction

A road construction company, operating in Northern India, is currently engaged in an infrastructure project with a budget of INR 45 crores.

The project encompasses the construction of a 20-kilometer stretch of PMGSY road. However, the contractor has been facing a number of challenges that have impeded their progress with resulting pressure on the project’s budget.

The company has been in the road construction business for over a decade and has completed several similar projects in the past. However, this project had a tight deadline to complete and their were looking for ways to speed up the process while ensuring quality of work.

One of the primary challenges being faced by the contractor was the difficulty in sourcing or obtaining raw materials on the site.

This led to delays in the construction process, as the contractor was unable to access the necessary raw materials for the project in a timely manner.

Furthermore, the cost of aggregates from local sources was significantly higher than expected. The distance from the construction site to the nearest crusher was approximately 30-40 kilometres.

 If the client opted to purchase from the local market, the cost of aggregate would be around INR 40-50 per cubic foot, or approximately INR 1000 per ton, adding further pressure to the project budget.

To overcome these challenges, the contractor needed a solution that would allow them to reduce costs and complete the project within the allocated timeframe. The contractor sought a cost-effective solution that would enable them to achieve their project objectives without compromising on the quality of the work.

Our representative obtained information about the tender and realized that the contractor's project could benefit from the use of an MB Crusher machine. Having been contacted, the contractor was intrigued by the solution presented and decided to explore the use of an MB machine in their project.

After researching various options, they decided to go ahead with the MB-L160 crusher bucket as it represented a viable solution to their challenges, and decided to purchase three units of the machine for use in the project.

The MB-L160 is a mobile jaw crusher machine which is suitable for any brand of backhoe loader and loader from 5 to 16 tons. Its compact design and mobility allow for easy transportation and on-site processing of materials.

The implementation of the MB Crusher units proved to be a game-changer for the contractor. The use of the mobile jaw crushers by MB the use of the mobile jaw crusher by MB enabled the contractor to produce their own aggregates on-site. Additionally, the cost of aggregates was significantly reduced, helping to alleviate the pressure on the project’s budget. Furthermore, the mobility of the machines allowed for faster work and the project was completed on time, saving the contractor time and money as compared to the traditional method.

In conclusion, the use of MB Crusher's MB-L160 crusher bucket was an effective solution for the road contractor's project in North India. The machines helped the contractor overcome the challenges of material sourcing and the high cost of aggregates, while also enabling the project’s completion on time.

The contractor was able to save significant costs and complete the project on schedule, which was a major achievement for the company.

The company will to continue using the MB Crusher Units in their future projects as well.