Construction Waste Upcycling

The need for automated facilities with cutting-edge technologies for the production of unique construction building materials at a low EPC cost is increasing, according to Soham Vasantray, Director, Operation  of Neptune Industries. He explains why this is the case and the advantages of doing so.

Waste utilization is a growing market.

Utilizing C&D trash and RCA has become essential due to the rapid urbanization occurring in emerging nations. To produce sustainable green construction materials, Neptune has established production facilities that were created internally, with the assistance of its R&D division, and through a few partnerships and joint ventures.

Using by-products from numerous process sectors, we offer standalone solutions for producing finished materials as well as EPC projects. The market for residual products made from C&D waste, fly ash, and other types of industrial waste are growing. As people become more aware of the potential use of alternative resources such as demolition debris, fly ash, Iron Ores Tailing (IOT), Steel Slag, River  Dredging Slugs, and Over Burden of Mines in the production of final products, we predict a rise in demand. These materials can be used by giving them value in accordance with legal requirements and based on scientific research by governmental and private entities.

Neptune provides complete manufacturing facilities for high-tech building materials such as fly ash, cement bricks and blocks, and concrete Products. Red clay, Lime-Silicate, AAC, and CSE blocks are among the building materials available.

Neptune is in a good position to address these users' needs because of its integrated solutions, which make it easier to process materials from batching to finished goods like fly ash bricks, concrete blocks, paver tiles, etc.

The fresh discoveries from R&D Neptune started this project to manufacture Lightweight Aggregate (LWA & LDA) Green Sand / Geopolymer Products using cutting-edge, affordable technology.

With EPC contracts, Neptune provides complete project solutions along with equipment for Green Sand, Geo Polymer Aggregates, LDA, and LWA. Its completely automated plant enables automation of the stacker/finger car, press machine, green product handling, batching, and raw material handling processes. Our factories have the capacity to produce 50,000–300,000 bricks daily. With two lines and automation, the Neptune Vibro Series and Neptune Mega Series offer plant capacities ranging from 50,000 to 3,00,000 bricks per day.

Our Neptune Vibro Series can make fly ash bricks at a pace of 10,000-250,000 pieces per day, concrete blocks at a rate of 5,000–25,000 pieces per shift, and concrete pavers at a rate of 300–3000 square meters each shift. A complete fly ash and cement silo, a pneumatic conveying system, and a batching plant are included with the Vibro Series.

Our plants have lower operating costs since they have better technological innovations for delivering the rated output. Our own hard drives are included in the smart automated systems, along with PLC- and SCADA-based systems, software from Blemene and other European businesses, and other components that all help to ensure the dependability of our operations.

Demand for Dry Mix Mortar/Tiles Adhesive Plant & Black Box is currently being served by Neptune. Plant with  Latest SCADA Technology