Great opportunities ahead for leading Indian Manufacturers to export market.

“Our team's experience and knowledge enable us to provide the best service and solutions to the customers in terms of quality and durability.” - Manoj Kumar, Managing Director, Armix Machinery.

Armix is an emerging brand that is quickly becoming one of the most well-known brand for paver block machines, wet press systems, planetary mixers and hermetic tile presses apart from AAC plants. The optimism stems largely from the fact that the majority of the organisations do not actually originate in India. Armix, on the other hand, is an Indian corporation with a broad focus on expanding its exports to foreign countries, says Manoj Kumar, Managing Director, Armix Machinery.

Armix is presently focused on the Middle East, with projects in Qatar, Oman, Dubai, UAE, and a few additional repeat orders. When the market was struggling in prior years, we fared rather well in terms of exports since markets in countries like Dubai and Qatar were still accessible and thriving to FIFA and other global events, which proved to be lucrative for our businesses. We were able to take the challenges during covid time with a customised solution and it has been quite successful. So, I am optimistic that we will be able to sell out more machines and many responses and queries for this range of products will be showcasing at BC India event.

Products showcas at Bauma India 2023 Delhi NCR

We have introduced two medium-sized paver block machines, installed with two clients in Bangalore as reference plants. At BC India, we are expecting further orders for other models this could be a good start for the year. So, I think the trade show was a solid start for the upcoming years. There are several companies in the paving block machine market, both domestic and foreign with basic features. With our equipment, Armix provides the high end technology with multiple options for value-addition to concrete paver industry which is very much necessary for the customers. Every company cannot provide the same feature in their products as we kept the high quality machines will become a bench mark for others to follow. There must be a distinction, and Armix strives to build that distinction and originality in its devices. We have unique colouring and texturing techniques available.

This equipment will be deployed in upcoming projects across India. Interestingly, we have new project installation going on in India, UAE, Qatar, Saudi, Kuwait and Oman.

Paver block machines and mixing plant technologies

Standalone parts for paver blocks and mixing plants are also available on demand for customers. We had no intentions for it in the beginning, but market is really pushing for it. Expertise of our design and service team ensures our clients with the finest available after sales service and solutions in terms of quality and dependability, thus our devotion make us their preferred option in the industry.

We've executed a number of projects using these types of machines and service turnkey projects including the complete plant & machines, mixing systems, colour dosing, curing, moulds and pallets. Individual solutions are also available to fit the needs of our customers apart from project solutions.

Smart features of Armix

Smart features are available in new machines, but we are currently using latest technology, with components such as "Encoder system and servo motors with vfd drives." Normally, every piece of equipment contains sensors, which are less expensive, but there are certain limitation in terms of application and controls are concerned. An "encoder," having the advantage, plus the "servo motors" we use and the newest, hydraulic items with connection and logic, that offers greater edge for our machines in terms of operations, precision, durability in long-term.

Small size ready-mix concrete unit / Self loading mobile truck

One of the product we are promoting newly is the small size ready mix concrete unit, it is a self-loading mobile truck. It’s a special product invented in Italy, and available in Indian market through different suppliers. We decided to launch the advanced version of it with additional features suits to local market conditions and requirements. Furthermore, we also export this self-loading mobile truck to other countries. We have a different approach for such machines in the domestic market, as here the process goes through a dealership network.

Armix manufacturing facility and its capacities

We have an assembly plant with a facility to assembly and load a dozen containers or trucks at the same time. This help us to speed up the assembly and testing process in tandem with project requirements. We are in a position to assemble 10 machines at a time for the self-loading mobile trucks and similar number of paver block machines and wet press machines. We've already dealt with infrastructure issues related to product assembly, loading and freight forwarding and prefer to offer the best machines to showcase under make in India concept.

Impacts of global price rise

At this point of time price rise is happening due to pandemic, war and related issues due to freight and chip shortage. It has a number of consequences which are very difficult to sort out overnight.  Every organisation needs to work out and approach the situation with best possible way and perfect solution. It make sense to discuss the points openly with the team members, customers and sub-suppliers about the challenges. This will give the ability for entire team to address and tackle the issues easily. Steel, cement and oil prices have risen, I hope there will be some correction in coming months but will not back to early rates. However, as a result of the Russian-Ukraine conflict, shipping prices have skyrocketed and shortage of containers and shipping lines. Even after ending the war it will take further 2-3 years for things to normalise, but I believe the Indian government, entrepreneurs, and the industry as a whole is very much capable to turn this crisis into an opportunity.