Making profits out of waste

A well-known quarry owner from the Eastern part of India is precisely segregating GSB and input material for secondary crusher from wastage material by using an MB Screening Bucket

An established black rock quarry owner in the Eastern part of India was looking for a solution which would help them precisely segregate 60mm above material from the waste material derived from their blasting operations.

Customer was using blasting process for mining the black rock at site and using rock breaker to resize the material for primary crusher which eventually generates wastage material.

They needed an efficient, mobile, quick and cost efficient solution to use that material.

Customer already owned a 220 TPH crusher. Blasting and resizing of material for primary crusher generated a lot of wastage material which was a mixture of dust and soil up to 100 mm material. Customer had no use for that material, and previously they would create a pile of said material at site or sell it to other venders at a very low cost.

Prior to purchasing MB Screening Bucket, they were dumping in an unplanned manner the wastage material, which was a cost to them.

This was time consuming and taking a lot of land within the mining area.

With the help of MB , the customer not only was able to convert waste material into useful material but was also able to generate a new income stream for their business

By using the Screening Bucket MB-S18  mounted with 60x60mm mesh, the customer is now segregating 60mm down material as GSB and sending 60mm above material for further processing to secondary crusher,  which is increasing efficiency of crusher plant.

Furthermore, customer is able to sell segregated GSB Material to road contractors which is, in turn, adding a new income source.


With one hour of operation with MB-S18 Screening Bucket the customer is able to get around 40m3 material as input for secondary crusher which has tremendously increased efficiency of existing crusher; while at the same time also getting 20m3 GSB Material that is being sold to road contractors.

This new income stream is generating an additional 50,000 to 60,000 Rs. daily.

The Screening Bucket MB-S18 has not only helped increase overall efficiency, but it has also enabled more profits and optimal utilization of resources.