Hindware’s Consumer Appliances Business Rebrands to Hindware Smart Appliances

Aims to create synergies and establish a stronger affiliation with consumers leveraging Hindware’s long-standing legacy

Hindware Home Innovation Limited, one of the fastest growing players in consumer appliances, today announced the rebranding of its consumer appliances brands under one brand ‘Hindware Smart Appliances’.  Aligned to the mother brand Hindware, all consumer appliances products will now be housed under Hindware Smart Appliances.

With the rebranding, the aim is to continue to lead the industry with innovative, smart, and connected appliances that deliver ease, simplicity, and happiness to consumers' busy lives. Through this, the company aims to build a stronger connection with the consumers, enhance brand recall, and strengthen the market position while leveraging Hindware’s long-standing legacy of continuous innovation and of trust among all stakeholders.

Mr. Rakesh Kaul, CEO and Whole Time Director, Hindware Home Innovation Limited, said, “Since the inception of the Consumer Appliance business, we have worked hard to execute on our growth strategy by strengthening our capabilities, investing in our product offerings, infrastructure and people. Bringing our complete product portfolio under one brand ‘Hindware Smart Appliances’ is a logical step towards solidifying our brand and clearly communicating what it reflects— a smart, futuristic, and truly human-first tech brand.”

He further added, “We are working on enhancing our digital strategy to achieve a competitive advantage in D2C, e-commerce, and social marketing. Our focus has always been to leverage consumer insights to meet their needs and therefore, we are now following a digital-first approach to provide our consumers with seamless brand experiences wherever, whenever, and however, they choose to shop.”

‘Hindware Smart Appliances’ new brand logo is designed with a bold black colour on a white background representing sophistication, and progressiveness. It uses hues to establish a better connect with the consumers.  It further incorporates the smart power button in its design where the alphabet ‘e’ has been carefully replaced with the power button symbol. This showcases the experience that Hindware Smart Appliances offers with its wide range of smart products by democratizing technology for all. The brand’s value proposition remains unaltered, and it will continue to be committed to its consumers by providing them with modern, smart and innovative solutions to add convenience to their lives.

Additionally, the website and marketing branding materials reflect the modernization of the new brand identity. As part of the company’s brand refresh, the initial part of the ongoing rebuild of the company’s website has already been launched.

About Hindware Home Innovation Limited

Hindware Home Innovation Limited*, formerly Somany Home Innovation Ltd. is one of the fastest growing players in the Indian Consumer Appliances and a leader in the Building Products segment. The Consumer Appliances business consists of a selection of household appliances such as kitchen chimneys, cooker hoods, built-in hobs, cooktops, built-in ovens, water purifiers, sinks, air coolers, and ceiling fans under brand ‘Hindware Smart Appliances’.

Hindware Home Innovation Limited also has a strategic marketing tie-up with leading Italian company, Formenti & Giovenzana in the furniture and kitchen fittings segment. Hintastica Private Limited is a joint venture between Hindware Home Innovation Limited and Groupe Atlantic housing the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of the water heater business.

Hindware Home Innovation Limited through its wholly owned subsidiary, Hindware Limited (formerly Brilloca Limited) has a versatile range of best-in-class sanitaryware, faucets, and tiles products with brands catering to a wide pricing spectrum of customers. Hindware Limited also houses the plastic pipes and fittings business under the brand ‘Truflo by Hindware,’ one of the fastest growing brands in the country in this segment. ‘Truflo by Hindware’ also has a presence in overhead water storage tanks and column pipes.