Smart city doesn’t only mean high rise buildings and swanky roads. It is also about the hidden infrastructure that solves age-old problems. That is modern & futuristic. That’s the reason why they are called smart solutions. And only smart contractors and city planners understand its importance.    

City planners world-over, are in constant search of solutions for long-standing problems. Today we need to build superfast roads, bridges, flyovers, underpasses, structures for underground/over-ground metro and other modes of transportation, water & drainage systems, housing, commercial hubs, institutional buildings, leisure & recreational spaces, never-ending power and data cable laying, waterfronts [i.e. lake front, river front, beach front], landscaping, green spaces, waste collection & disposal systems etc. And in all these, one material plays a major role. CONCRETE.

Apollo HawkeyePedershaab Concrete Technologies Pvt. Ltd. [AHCT] Is one such new-age technology company providing futuristic solutions for modern urban infrastructure development. AHCT’s various machines, moulds and accessories can produce Precast Box culverts, U Drains, Concrete Pipes & Manholes through its pioneering Vibrated Casting Technology.

Most importantly, these precast concrete units [Box culverts, U Drains, Concrete Pipes & Manholes] are factory produced, on vibration & pressure sophisticated machines. They can be manufactured in a wide range of standard sizes and depths. They are simple to assemble requiring relatively unskilled labour on site. Units are capable of being constructed as watertight structures. The dry cast process uses low water/cement-ratio concrete with minimal waste and no water discharge in the manufacturing process providing a clean environmental manufacturing foot print.

They are durable due to their inherent strength and for being factory made products. Dry mix concrete is batch mixed and being used to produce precast components. These can be manufactured with or without reinforcement. Speed of manufacturing such units over the conventional method is increased by about 20 to 30 times. Due to this technology many units can be made from one mould each day. This allows producers to make units in sufficient quantity to meet the needs of most projects, providing the opportunity for contractors to increase productivity by laying more units/day.

So build modern urban infrastructure using Precast Box culverts, U Drains, Concrete Pipes & Manholes - the arteries running through the length and breadth of the city – with the help of AHCT’s vibrated casting technology machinery.

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