Megaplast a Leader in the Geomembrane Industry

During Application of MegaLinerTM Geomembrane

Megaplast manufactures HDPE & LLDPE Geomembranes that meets or exceeds all the requirements of the internationally recognized GRI GM-13 standard for HDPE Geomembrane liners and GRI GM-17 for LLDPE Geomembrane liners. MegaLinerTM Geomembranes have long term durability of strength, flexibility, UV & chemical resistance. They are used in civil and agricultural fields, fluid conveyance and containment, ash ponds, soil protection and stabilization, landfill closures, ponds and reservoirs, irrigation canals and waste treatment plants.

We produce Smooth, Single side and Double side Textured Geomembranes in black colour and offer different coloured Geomembranes on request. Our Geomembrane facility is based in Daman, India and we are well connected by Rail, Road, and the Nhava Sheva Port.

Advantages of using  MegaLinerTM  Geomembranes:

1. 8 m width mean fewer field seams, faster, more efficient installations and less opportunity for leakage

2.  Environmental Stress and Crack resistance

3.  High Chemical resistance

4.  High UV Resistance

5.  High Thermal resistance

6.  Our testing laboratory is accredited with GAI-LAP & NABL

Megaplast sets a higher standard of quality by maintaining quality control with fully equipped laboratory. Carefully testing at three places right from testing of raw materials followed by on-line testing and then on the finished products ensuring the best product and best quality, which consistently exceeds customer expectations.

This combination of outstanding resources, dedicated employees and the latest technology with professional management makes Megaplast a leader in the geomembrane industry.

Application of MegaLinerTM  Geomembranes at Nashik Waste Management, Maharashtra:

Nashik Waste Management has an integrated Solid Waste Management Facility at Nashik, Maharashtra. Presently, the facility receives 600 TPD of waste. Incoming waste is processed and converted into Compost & RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel). The Sanitary Landfill is designed and developed by Nashik Waste Management Pvt. Ltd. at Nashik, Maharashtra in compliance with the Solid Waste Management Rules 2016. The landfill is used for disposal of rejects/ inerts from processing of Municipal Solid Waste.

Megaplast MegaLinerTM Geomembranes used at the Sanitary landfills minimizes the harmful impact of solid waste on the environment using the following mechanisms:

a) Reduction of groundwater contamination through leachate collection and treatment

b)  Control of surface water contamination through runoff

c)  Reduction of air contamination due to gases, litter, dust, or bad odour

d)  Control of other problems due to rodents, pests, fire, bird menace, slope failure, erosion, etc.

MegaLinerTM Geomembranes are a major component in the Nashik Waste Management project. 1.5 mm HDPE MegaLinerTM was used in the project complying with the requirements of American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). This project has also provided the surrounding community a safe place to dispose waste materials.

Landfill completely layered with MegaLinerTM Geomembrane