Ingersoll Rand India with SEEDS and GMDA to Implement Nature-Based Solutions Through Lake View Park in Gurugram

Ingersoll Rand India Limited along with SEEDS (Sustainable Ecological & Environmental Development Society) and GMDA (Gurugram Municipal Development Authority), teamed up to build Lake View Park adjacent to Wazirabad Lake in Gurugram, Haryana, with the aim of mobilizing nature to render urban areas more resilient to the threat of climate change. The park covers 2 acres of land and is surrounded by high rise buildings, a waterbody of 18 acres and a few vacant lands amidst the burgeoning urban sprawl.

Nature-based solutions such as Lake View Park can not only tap into the earth's carbon sequestering powers, but can provide significant flood mitigation along with other benefits. Cities face a myriad of social, economic and environmental challenges expected to exacerbate by increasing urbanization and the impacts of climate change. Strategically designing environmental features in open spaces create urban resilience and deliver a wide range of ecosystem services.

“Cities are susceptible to climate-related threats and suffer from the urban heat island effect and localized flooding. Urban greening is an effective mitigation option for climate change. Nature based solutions such as parks, gardens and green walls are a crucial way to tackle flash floods and city heat. Given the disproportionate impact of the pandemic on already vulnerable communities, providing green buffers such as the Lake View Park in urban neighborhoods has never been more important. With the invaluable support of GMDA and Ingersoll Rand India, we have been able to design an effective urban green space,” says Dr Manu Gupta, Co-Founders, SEEDS.