Slope Stabilisation and Rockfall Protection Along Nadikudi- Srikalahasti New Broad Gauge Line Project.

The present case study focuses on slope stabilization and rockfall protection of cut slopes from Nadikudi to Srikalahasti New Broad-Gauge line in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. To lay the railway tracks, the stretch along the Chainage km. 17+300 to km. 17+800 and along Chainage km. 19+900 to km. 21+200 which consisted of hilly topography was excavated using a blasting technique. This has caused a section of unstable and rockfall vulnerable slopes which require stabilization and rockfall protection.

The area is mainly composed of highly weathered quartzite rocks and shale with bedding planes subjected to folding at some sections. Drilling and blasting were carried out to break rocks for excavation. This has caused severe deterioration of rock mass strength subjected to the development of new fractures and shearing along with joint sets. The chainages detailed of the vulnerable locations are (17+300 to km. 17+800 (LHS and RHS) and along with Chainage km. 19+900 to km. 21+200 (LHS and RHS) where slope stabilization and Rockfall Protection works are required.