MB Crusher’s headquarters is in Italy, in a town less than 62 miles from Venice. The units are designed and produced then travel to the companies and industry professionals all over the world who deal in construction, demolition, road work and earth moving. From the imposing mountains in Tibet and the Americas, from the Caribbean to Iceland, from snow covered Siberia to the sunny deserts of Saudi Arabia, it’s easy to travel around the world with MB Crusher’s units.

We start with tall mountain ranges. What about this location makes it difficult to work in? Inaccessible locations, difficulty when transporting materials, it’s expensive, and assistance is too far away.

In Tibet, our customer works in the road construction industry, with a job site at 12,467 feet above sea level, in a remote area with spectacular scenery. Using a BF70.2 crusher bucket, the company crushed road waste, produced material, and reused it as foundation for new projects. They obtained logistical and monetary advantages: with MB’s excavator crusher, they’ve eliminated the cost of procuring material for future jobs.