World's leading Self-loading concrete mixers ApolloCarmix, Now in a Smart New-Age Avtar

As we know, world is fast changing and equipment industry also have to do all the catch up. At ApolloCarmix Equipment Pvt. Ltd., we are also committed to gear up with the changing times. On one hand Internet of Things (IOT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other such high-end technologies are making inroads, environmental concerns are equally important. As an equipment manufacturing company committed to sustainable environment, all ApolloCarmix mixers are now BS IV compliant.

CEV Stage IV Ready ApolloCarmix

Strictest implementation of CEV Stage IV emission regulation by Ministry of Road Transport and Highway for off-road vehicles are going to benefit the environment immensely as this will limit particulate matter, nitrogen oxide carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon. It may result into slight increase in cost but overall long-term benefits are far more valuable. For example, this will result into more fuel efficiency, benefiting customers, environment and state exchequer directly. but also the maintenance cost and along with their higher fuel efficiency reduce buyer's total cost of ownership. Same way, this will enable an extensive communication interface resulting into more productivity.

Newly launched CEV Stage IV ApolloCarmix 4x4 concrete mixer series (4TT, 45FX and 25FX) is more fuel efficient, with its unique Vehicle Health Monitoring System, ApolloCarmix Smart VHMS 2.0. This app is available on Google Play Store also.

Features and Advantages of ApolloCarmix Smart VHMS 2.0

Feature 1: Location on running as well as at Parked stage.

Advantage: The customer can easily know the location of the machine through this system, as well as monitor its movement.

Feature 2: Speed monitoring.

Advantage: Customer can easily do auto cut off on excessive speed.

Feature 3: Fuel level, Consumption & Mileage.

Advantage: The customer can real-time monitor fuel consumption during production while the machine is in operation. Prevent fuel theft also.

Feature 4: KM estimation w.r.t Fuel available.

Advantage: Through the system, the customer will be able to know not only quantity of remaining fuel but also remaining milage.

Feature 5: Engine Run Hours & Vehicles' usage analytics.

Advantage: This system helps the customer to know how many hours the machine has been running and how much production has taken place and how much fuel has been consumed.

Feature 6: Batch Productivity and Composition Analysis.

Advantage: By getting the data of the weighing unit through this system, the customer will be able to know how much production is going on with which raw material.

Feature 7: Vehicle health monitoring – Service.

Advantage: The schedule service coming into the machine will be informed to the customer in advance through this system so that the health of the machine remains good. 

Apart from these unmatched features, ApolloCArmix 4x4 concrete mixers are loaded with few more beneficial features such as Ecomatric Panel, Hydraulic high-pressure system, Joy Stick, Additive system, GPS, Loadcell, Rear Camera, Load cell, Auto cutoff water meter, Double Spiral mixing arms, Additive Tank etc. Of course, some of these features are optional and some are model specific.

If not for the global covid pandemic, ApolloCArmix would have rolled out these future-ready fully loaded machines way back in 2020. Though our R&D was constantly working during this phase, so that India customers get best and the latest in terms of new-age tech revolution.

That's the reason why at ApolloCarmix our motto is : Atmanirbhar technology at par with advanced countries.