Manufacturing sand offerings from Metso Outotec

Quality, Consistency, Profitability,

Rapid urbanization and population growth drive the need for new buildings and infrastructure, making sand a high-demand commodity. Manufacturing sand is a way to preserve natural riverbanks and shorelines where sand would otherwise be extracted, reduce energy consumption, and utilize aggregate waste as a raw material for sellable product.

Produce based on customer demand - Producing manufactured sand to order according to customers' specifications makes your process and raw material usage more efficient.

Turn dead or non-saleable stockpiles into profitable product - Manufacturing sand from non-demand aggregates stockpiles is an ideal way to produce a high-quality commercial product that has a market and high demand.

Save in transport and logistics costs - The distance to market is reduced dramatically because the sand is not sourced from distant shorelines or riverbanks.

High and stable quality for improved price - Unlike with natural sand, you have full control over end product quality. Eliminate reject. Produce sand with optimum shape and gradation to justify a premium price.

How to manufacture sand?

1. Feed - In crushed aggregates production, up to 30% (rock dependent) of materials acquired from the bedrock are reduced to sizes smaller than 4 mm, meaning they end up as waste. These stockpiles are a perfect feed for the production of manufactured sand.

2. Crushing and screening - Efficient crushing and screening shape the feed material to uniform consistency, precise form and gradation.

3. Classification - Classification reduces the amount of dust and super fines, which helps to meet strict specifications and improve end product quality.

4. Sand - The final end product is manufactured sand that is superior in quality to natural sand, giving great returns on a raw material that was previously waste.

Benefits for producers

Production based on demand - Producing manufactured sand to order makes your raw material usage more efficient.

High and stable quality - Unlike with natural sand, you have full control over end-product quality. Eliminate reject production and get the best return on your product.

Make more from less - Produce sand with exactly the right shape and gradation. Your customers need less cement in their concrete to achieve optimum quality, strength and structural integrity, helping you justify a premium price.

Savings in transport costs - The distance to market is reduced dramatically because the sand isn't sourced from distant shorelines or river banks.

Turn waste into product - Produce a high-quality commercial product that is in high demand.

Metso Outotec offerings to produce a high-quality Manufactured Sand

Metso Outotec HPGR technology (HRC Crusher) - Safe and efficient production High-pressure grinding roll (HPGR) technology takes manufactured sand to the next level by providing a simple yet robust design, low-cost operation, and improved product shape and gradation. Our HPGR technology is optimized for the demanding requirements of aggregates production, with the ability to process hard rock and even moist material. This technology also provides an excellent level of flexibility with the feed. For example, compared to other approaches, you can feed in materials that contain a higher ratio of fines. Metso's HPGR crushers use adjustable hydraulic cylinders and variable speed to provide the optimal crushing force. High-pressure rock-on-rock crushing enables long wear life of the manganese tires and energy-efficient operation. With HGPR technology the overall sand yield can be as high as 80%.

Metso Outotec Air classification technology – Dry classification with a gravitational inertial classifier As a sand producer you need an effective way to classify your products. The global trend is to utilize dry classification solutions to separate fine and coarse particles. With Metso air classification technology you can reduce the percentage of super fines in your manufactured sand, enabling you to meet your specifications and produce high-quality products. Air classification is a simple technology as it removes the need for slurry treatment or ponds as well as water management solution. The technology also works in cold climates. With sand of 0/5 mm or less you can use Metso's gravitational inertial classifier to separate material between 300 microns (50#) and 63 microns (230#). This enables you to manufacture concrete, plaster and asphalt sands, which typically require a reduction in the amount of 63 micron (230#) material present. The unit's internal recirculating feature allows you to adjust the efficiency of the separation depending on your desired grading curve.

Metso Outotec Cone crushing technology – High energy efficiency and capacity When you produce sand, you need high energy efficiency, high capacity, good product gradation, a high reduction ratio and low sensitivity to rock hardness. Metso cone crushing technology meets all these requirements. Upgraded advanced highspeed cones have high crushing forces, while the cavity design ensures that crushing occurs along the full length of the crusher cavity within multiple crushing zones. This guarantees inter-particle crushing and efficient production of the required fines and cubically shaped products. Our technology and know-how gives you the opportunity to produce well-graded and shaped <20mm products, including manufactured sand.

Metso Outotec Barmac crushing technology - Studies show that the best end product for various purposes can be achieved with high-velocity impact crushing. The Metso Outotec Barmac® VSI vertical shaft autogenous impactor improves the soundness and shape of the material and produces a quality that is very close to natural sand. Unlike other VSI & Impact crushing options, Metso Outotec Barmac® VSI shaping is not influenced by the closed side setting (CSS) and shaping occurs throughout the product curve. The sand produced from rock-on-rock crushing is proven to have sound performance in concrete and mortar products. Such sand is well known for its cubical shape and consistent gradation.  The gradation and quality of the product from the VSI does not tail off with increased wear on parts (Optimized port opening & DTR Rotor technology). This leads to the highest possible quality of performance in concrete and mortar mixes leading to reduced production costs.


Metso Outotec's high performance TS SeriesTM screening technology - Metso's Triple Slope Screen (TS Screen) is used for final screening for manufactured sand as well as for plaster sand to take finer cut or <2.36 mm down product.

MV Vibrators (Modular cartridge design, grease lubricated) with dual bearing TS screen ensures capacity & efficiency due to multi-slope profile with elliptical vibrating motion. 20-40% more capacity compared to conventional inclined screen. Elliptical motion toward at feed end and backward at discharge end – particle retention time on screening surface more for efficient screening. Superior for aggregate & fines screening having the wide range of models, Area varies from 7.6 to 25 Sqm in double & triple deck option as per the application demand & desired product requirements.

Equipped for success with Metso Outotec SiteBoosterTM - Opportunities to enhance the Manufacture sand capacities & qualities.

Metso Outotec SiteBooster is your complete plant upgrade tool. In a clearly laid-out project carried out by seasoned professionals, we audit your site and set the goals based on your specifications and budget. Then the changes are carried out with minimal interference to the production. As a result, your trusty old operation will charge to a new level of productivity – from the day one, overall production capability is increased with quality of enhanced Manufactured sand to meet the market demand.

Your unused or rejected aggregate materials can be turned into profitable product with the help of reliable and robust technologies. Metso Outotec offers complete crushing and separation solutions for greenfield sites as well as solutions that can be incorporated into existing plants. Depending on your requirements, there are several alternatives for sand manufacturing, all designed to produce well graded, high-quality end product.