MB Crusher solutions allow to rapidly manage materials, even in busy jobsites, such as the ones that rise in port areas.

An esteemed client of MB Crusher, one of the largest commercial port operators in India, was facing major challenges while unloading various chemical materials from the lorries at their plant warehouse, as they were getting mixed in wrong ratios during the process. 

Also, due to moisture penetration, lump formation occurred at times.

Initially, they were intended to crush said lumps with a further screening of the mixed materials. 
So, they proceeded with the configuration of a local arrangement, but this solution was not able to efficiently solve their problems. Facing this challenge, they tried to look for an alternative solution that could not only help them to reduce the time consumed recycling these materials, but also to enhance production to meet their own growing demand for the materials.

While searching for innovative solutions on the internet, they came across MB's Crusher & Screening Buckets. MB's Sales Team attended the call and promptly gathered the preliminary pieces of information about the customer requirements, the existing setup, and machines at their disposal.

Our Sales Team then visited their site to assess in a detailed and precise manner the specific site dynamics and client requirements. The Customer wanted to switch from a manual local screening arrangement, that was no longer effective, to an automatized screening attachment, which would tremendously help saving time and increasing production, to meet their new requirements.

And it gets better. Installable to any kind of excavator, BHL, loader & skid steer, the MB Screening Bucket was the ideal machine to help to keep clear the loading dock from materials, machinery, and operators. The screening bucket can be easily moved from one place to another, once the job is finished, to allow the continuous passage of lorries, trucks, and containers coming and going from the port area.

The Sales Team sent videos and photos of our MB-LS170 screening bucket working on a number of identical BHL & wheel loaders base models so that they could better grasp the utmost compatibility of our products to their specific context.
The final solution configured was further customized with 3mm, 5mm & 10mm meshes along with a piping kit on their HM2021 backhoe loader. 

The Screening Bucket successfully reached the site and was installed by MB's Service Team. From the day of installation till date, they are satisfied with the product as it is able to meet their daily Screening requirement to get fine material of 3mm down. 

This showcases the trust our customers have in MB's products and its team to help them to not only eliminate their recycling woes but also ensure maximum productivity & reliability, making the MB Screening Units the perfect solution.