Strategic move for GHH: The German manufacturer of machines for mining and tunnelling industries GHH

In addition to its geopolitical importance, Türkiye has numerous min-eral resources, including copper, iron ore, coal and chrome, as well as the world's largest boron deposits. These resources have helped to make the country an important player and hub in the global com-modities market.

As one of the major distributors of heavy machinery in Türkiye, Maru-beni Dağıtım ve Servis A.Ş. has already established a network of 6 locations with 270 employees and 50 sales and service centres, reaching as far as Azerbaijan and Georgia. Founded in 1983 and based in Istanbul, the company is part of the Marubeni Corporation of Japan, one of the world's largest distributors of its kind with 45,000 employees in 463 companies.

This constellation of skills, experience and footprint is highly interest-ing for the German machine manufacturer. As one of the world's lead-ing brands in the industry, the company already serves a significant amount of customers in Türkiye. However, the need for a stronger network for consulting, sales and service was identified as a key milestone to support the expansion of its product portfolio in the re-gion. Loaders (LHDs), dump trucks and other vehicles, specifically designed for mining in soft and hard rock, are the domain of the man-ufacturer who knows how to combine cost-effectiveness with robust-ness, ease of maintenance and driver ergonomics. The company supplies an almost complete range and operates on all continents.

With the pending Komatsu closure around the corner, GHH, which is preparing to become part of the Komatsu family, is also strengthening its dealer network with this partnership. Marubeni Dağıtım ve Servis is already a strong Komatsu dealer in the Turkish region, having worked with Komatsu in the Turkish market since 1983.

“GHH is very pleased to have reached an agreement with Marubeni Dağıtım ve Servis in Türkiye, we are really looking forward to strengthening our position in the Turkish market together,” says Mat-thias von Buzay, CEO & CFO of GHH Group. “Marubeni Dağıtım ve Servis has extensive experience in product sales and service and is therefore an ideal partner for us.” Eşref Zeka, Chief Executive Officer of Marubeni Dağıtım ve Servis A.S. and Burçak Birand, Marubeni Dağıtım ve Servis Construction and Mining Machinery COO, agreed: “We are excited about the cooperation with GHH as it is a next step in our strategy to grow and strengthen our business in Türkiye and we look forward to a strong and fruitful partnership."

The two companies sealed their partnership in February when Mr. Zeka and Mr. Birand travelled to GHH’s headquarters in Gelsenkir-chen, Germany, and spent time reviewing the offering and way of working and strategizing on business opportunities going forward. It was a productive session and a great start to a strong working rela-tionship. The first deliveries are due to follow shortly. These might in-clude vehicles such as the new LF-10 NEO, a loader with the highest tipping height in the 10-tonne class, or the world renowned MK-A20 dump truck. For more information, visit and on the Internet.