Jindal Advanced Materials gears up to be world’s largest FRP rebar producer, championing sustainable construction

Jindal Advanced Materials (JAM), a leading innovator in high-performance composites, is set to become the world's largest producer of fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) rebar by June 2025. This ambitious expansion plan marks a monumental 4.5 times production increase to reach a staggering 1 lakh MT annual FRP rebar production capacity by June 2025. The strategic move underscores JAM's commitment to revolutionising the construction industry with sustainable and superior FRP solutions.

Jindal Advanced Materials – A leader in sustainable construction

“This expansion reflects JAM’s unwavering dedication to pioneering excellence in FRP rebar production,” says Mr C P Agrawal, Director of JAM.  “FRP rebars offer a lightweight, corrosion-free alternative to traditional steel rebars, delivering up to 35% cost savings and exceptional performance for infrastructure and railways.  Our world-class FRP rebars not only meet but surpass global standards, solidifying our position as a leader in sustainable construction solutions.”

Benefits of JAM's FRP rebars:

Sustainable Choice: FRP rebars are a cost-effective, long lasting (don’t succumb to rust), environmentally friendly choice and are a key component of sustainable and resilient construction projects like the Burj Khalifa, Kanagawa Expressway (Japan) and various Marina Piers and metro systems.

Lightweight Strength: At over three times lighter than steel, FRP rebars simplify construction processes and reduce dead weight in buildings.

Cost-Effective: Offering significant cost savings of up to 35% compared to steel rebars.

Superior Performance: FRP rebars deliver exceptional strength and are non-conductive, making them ideal for diverse applications.

Heat Resistant: FRP rebars maintain structural integrity in high-temperature environments, ensuring safety and insulation.

Customizable Solutions: JAM offers bent rebars to minimize material waste and cater to specific construction needs.

Globally Recognised Quality: JAM's FRP rebars are exported worldwide and meet rigorous quality standards, receiving endorsements from authorized engineers and multiple third-party approvals.

JAM Circle: Fostering Innovation and Collaboration

Last week, JAM held its inaugural invitation-only networking event, the JAM Circle. This exclusive event, set to establish itself as an intellectual property in the years to come, provided industry stakeholders access to JAM’s latest innovations and insights on the fiber industry. Over 100 architects, engineers, contractors, and industry experts participated in workshops, seminars, and networking opportunities.  The event showcased JAM’s state-of-the-art FRP products, featuring cutting-edge technology and superior performance.

Revolutionising the Industry: Strategic Partnerships and Growth

Earlier in 2024, JAM signed a landmark MoU with MAE S.p.A., an Italian specialty chemical fiber manufacturer, to establish India's first carbon fiber facility.  This INR 2,700 crore project is poised to revolutionize the Indian composite industry.  Additionally, JAM partnered with the Tamil Nadu government to build a new manufacturing plant in South India, representing a strategic investment of nearly INR 1,000 crores.

About Jindal Advanced Materials Private Limited

Jindal Advanced Materials (JAM), a rapidly expanding company under the Jindal Group umbrella backed by industry leader Mr Abhyuday Jindal, is a leading manufacturer of high-performance composite materials.  JAM's commitment to delivering innovative and sustainable solutions for the construction industry is evident in their:

Three State-of-the-art manufacturing plants in Haryana, with a fourth facility on track for inauguration by December 2024 in Pathredi.

Globally recognised products, exported to countries like Australia and Kenya.

Key Highlights:

Set to become world's largest FRP rebar producer: 4.5x Production Increase for JAM to reach a staggering 1 lakh MT annual FRP rebar production capacity by June 2025.

Fourth Manufacturing Plant: Expansion underway with a new facility opening in Pathredi, Haryana by December 2024.

Customizable Solutions: Unique offering of bent rebars to minimize material waste and cater to specific construction needs.

Globally Recognised Quality: JAM's rebars are exported worldwide and meet rigorous quality standards, approved by engineers and endorsed by third-party certifications.

Sustainable and Corrosion-Free: FRP rebars are an environmentally friendly choice, lasting for decades without succumbing to rust.

Heat Resistant: FRP rebars offer safe handling and insulation in high-temperature environments.

JAM Circle: Fostering Innovation: JAM's inaugural networking event brought together industry experts for knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Revolutionising the Industry: JAM's MoU with MAE S.p.A. paves the way for India's first carbon fibre manufacturing facility.

Southward Expansion: A new manufacturing plant planned in Tamil Nadu marks JAM's commitment to national growth.