Innovation and tradition in the extraction business: Brookland Sand & Aggregates Ltd in synergy with BKT for a sustainable future

The British company has decided to rely on BKT tire solutions because of their high capabilities in terms of both traction and stability, which are key to coping with the typical challenges of the quarrying and mining sector

Saint Austell, Cornwall, England - March 13, 2024 - In the picturesque setting of Cornwall, home to ancient legends and enchanting landscapes, the mining industry is deeply rooted in the history and identity of this English county. Littlejohns Pit is an iconic and living symbol of a centuries-old industrial legacy, where china clay and sand have been longtime hallmarks in shaping the local landscape.

Amid this scenery, Brookland Sand & Aggregates Ltd of Saint Austell shines as a virtuous example of cooperation and sustainability. Since March 2010, the company has sold over 2.3 million tons of sand and aggregates to both local and national customers, showing a significant reach beyond Cornwall's borders. With one-third of its business run outside the county and a substantial sales volume in the London market as well, Brookland Sand & Aggregates Ltd has established itself as a leader in its field.

The company processes "Stent", a by-product of kaolin mining, into environmental-friendly secondary sand, and aggregates. This commitment is the reflection of a deep sense of ecological consciousness aimed at preserving natural resources and reducing the environmental impact - principles that find a strong ally in BKT, the leading Off-Highway tire manufacturer. BKT provides Brookland Sand & Aggregates Ltd with tires that are vital for ensuring not only safe, but also continuous operations, thus avoiding downtime and maximizing production efficiency.

Brookland Sand & Aggregates Ltd‘s approach toward innovation and reliability in its day-to-day operations greatly benefits from its employees' professional experience and personal stories. One such key figure is Alfie Johns, whose ties to the area and the mining industry go far beyond his current role. "I grew up in this area being born in a village not far from here. Ever since we went to school, working in this area has been among the top employment opportunities," Alfie says. "It runs in the family: my grandfather, my father, they have all worked in the clay industry, which is now also part of our business."

This deep sense of belonging and dedication is apparent in the care and attention Alfie puts into his job, especially when it comes to choosing the right equipment to ensure safe and efficient operations. The decision to rely on BKT tires not only reflects a business choice, but also the pursuit of a family legacy tied to the land and its processing.

Alfie adds another aspect that speaks for the effectiveness of BKT tires in Brookland Sand & Aggregates Ltd's daily operations: "We have relied on BKT for about 6 or 7 years, and now we are testing a three-star tire on our dump trucks to increase their durability. Their impressive performance over the years has only confirmed my confidence in the brand. We particularly appreciate their wear resistance and versatility under changeable weather conditions - qualities that are essential to our operations. Trust, reliability and cost-effectiveness are the pillars when it comes to choosing our tires."

The weather impact on daily operations is a central theme for Brookland Sand & Aggregates Ltd, which considers weather conditions as one of its main challenges. "On rainy days our sandy roads turn into slippery, heavy paths, while the sun dries them out, leaving behind thick layers of dust," Alfie explains, emphasizing how the company must constantly adapt to these variables. "Despite such challenges, our commitment to sustainability and environmental compliance remains steadfast. We always ensure that our operations are both efficient and environmentally responsible."

This environmental awareness in combination with the need to operate effectively at all weather conditions, makes the choice of BKT tires a key component in Brookland's operational strategy. "My previous positive experience with BKT has reinforced the decision to adopt them here at Brookland as well. Their reliability in a variety of different conditions from heavy rain to drought enables us to proceed with our operations without any interruptions, while keeping our commitment to efficiency and sustainability."

First-hand testimony from those working in the field is of key importance for understanding the actual value of the company's choices. Jake Cleave, owner Marshall Claeve’s son and a young dump truck driver at Brookland, is one of the company's newest workforces, who brings in all the enthusiasm and dedication that reflects his family's generational commitment to the industry. "I have been working here for about three years, and I can say that using BKT tires has significantly improved our operational efficiency," Jake says. "Their grip and stability even at the most adverse weather conditions make it possible for us to maintain operational continuity without downtime."

Jake goes on and highlights how sustainability is at the core of Brookland's business: "The reusability of by-products in our production cycle is not only an economic benefit but also contributes to reducing the environmental impact of our operations. And in BKT, we have found a partner who shares our vision of a more sustainable future."

Brookland Sand & Aggregates Ltd has chosen BKT tires from the EARTHMAX range to meet the needs of their daily operations. Prominent among the patterns employed are EARTHMAX SR 45, EARTHMAX SR 50, and EARTHMAX SR 49.

EARTHMAX SR 45 M is an All Steel radial tire specifically designed for rigid dump trucks, which provides excellent traction and is ideal for long-distance operations.

EARTHMAX SR 50 (L-5) is an All Steel radial tire specifically designed for loaders. The durable casing and sidewall protectors are ideal for the most demanding operations. EARTHMAX SR 50 is made of a special cut-resistant compound that reduces wear ensuring a longer tire life. Operators also appreciate its excellent traction combined with stability, and comfortable ride.

EARTHMAX SR 49 (L-4) is an All Steel radial tire designed for loaders and dozers, low profile dump trucks (LPDTs) and LHD loaders. EARTHMAX SR 49 ensures excellent performance in demanding mining operations where excellent traction and stability are an essential requirement. The tire has a directional design and is made of a particularly cut-resistant compound that provides excellent durability.

The partnership between Brookland Sand & Aggregates Ltd and BKT epitomizes how sustainability and performance can go hand in hand, even in the most demanding working conditions. BKT tires, which have been selected for their durability and reliability, are vital for meeting the day-to-day operational challenges, ensuring continuity and safety. Not only does this strategic alliance meet the needs of a demanding industry, but it also lays the foundations for a more environmentally conscious approach. Together, Brookland and BKT demonstrate that you can excel in performance without compromising the commitment to sustainability.

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