ClickPost and BharatX Announce Strategic Partnership

BharatX's industry-leading BNPL services with ClickPost's world-class pre & post-order experience services for e-commerce & D2C businesses.

Bangalore, February 27 2024: BharatX, a leader in BNPL and affordability solutions for merchants, and ClickPost, a pioneer in e-commerce logistics technology, today announced a strategic partnership. This collaboration is set to revolutionize the e-commerce experience for D2C brands and e-commerce companies, focusing on increasing conversions for merchants which sell higher value goods online.

BharatX, known for its innovative white-labeled BNPL options, provides users a Trustable Credit Offering by partnering with the Brand they shop with.. Its technology enables access to over 350 million Indians without formal credit sources, enhancing affordability with a simple OTP-based process, free from cumbersome documentation. Businesses using BharatX's products have reported a 15% increase in monthly sales revenue because of its Pay in 3 feature, where users can buy product’s by paying only 1/3rd and the rest later in 2 parts.

And ClickPost empowers e-commerce businesses with superior customer experiences through its top-notch shipping solutions. Accessible to over 350 couriers, WMS, OMS, and CRM platforms, ClickPost's ML-based recommendation engine fetches the most suitable carrier for efficient delivery. It also aids businesses in driving impulse purchases and boosting conversions by providing near-accurate delivery date predictions on product listing pages. Apart from these, with ClickPost, brands can significantly improve customers’ shopping experience with its multi-carrier tracking and returns management solutions.

The synergy between BharatX's Credit platform and ClickPost's logistic expertise aims to provide a comprehensive, seamless shopping experience for consumers. This partnership is poised to set new benchmarks in e-commerce efficiency, customer satisfaction, and conversion rates, especially for those looking to optimize their spending on digital advertising.

Mehul Jindal, Co-Founder & CEO, BharatX commented, “In India, consumers don’t trust EMI & Credit options from Traditional Banks & NBFCs, but this creates a large problem for Merchants who want to sell High Value Goods. With BharatX’s product, Brands can provide a Credit option to their User’s which they can instantly trust, by allowing them to White-Label BharatX’s Credit platform as their own, similar to how Large firms like Ola/Amazon have done already with Amazon PayLater, Ola Postpaid etc. ClickPost’s expertise in the D2C space allows us to enable access to this amazing Option to a wider set of E-Com Merchants. We look forward to a fruitful partnership with them.”

Prashant Gupta, Co-Founder at ClickPost, said, “Clickpost and BharatX’s partnership reflects a strategic move to leverage each company’s strengths to improve the e-commerce landscape. This partnership seeks to improve the online shopping experience, making it more transparent and customer-friendly, leading to higher brand trust amongst online shoppers for retailers.”

Apart from Sleep Company, large D2C brands like Mokobara, and Snitch have been leveraging the benefits of this strategic alliance and driving positive outcomes. This partnership will always strive to foster more success, innovation, and growth for eCommerce business owners.