"Catwalk": Suspended Scaffold Ringlock swings into action

Danube River Bridge project showcases the power of Doka as a single source for supporting complex construction

The contribution Doka, a global leader in formwork and scaffolding, has made to the one-of-a-kind Danube River Bridge project in the Austrian city of Linz demonstrates the added value teaming with a single source can bring to complex construction projects. As the bridge, which represents the first construction phase of the A26 motorway, nears completion, the innovative Doka products, including formwork, scaffolding, and digital solutions, have enabled streamlined operations, secure working environments and cost-effective budget management.

The challenge was to create a seemingly floating bridge connecting two sides of the Danube River in a visually sensitive manner. Unlike traditional suspension bridges, the constructor’s mandate was to build the bridge without visible intermediate support structures. This required large clusters of load-bearing cables to be stretched between anchorages above the connecting tunnel bypasses on either side of the water. With the support cables anchored directly into the rock of each riverbank, the first suspended bridge in Austria, weighing in at 13,000 tonnes, reveals unexpected elegance and grace.

The flexible Doka Ringlock scaffold was used for subsequent corrosion protection and assembly work on the tensioned suspension cables. The team harnessed the Ringlock flexibility to form a suspended scaffolding that supported construction work on the tensioned suspension cables ahead of the subsequent carriageway construction. A team of expert engineers from Doka Austria was responsible for planning the suspended scaffolding solution and optimizing the versatile Ringlock modular scaffolding to meet the distinctive requirements of the project. While a unique form was created, the suspended scaffolding used standard components of the rental system to deliver material, cost and time savings while simultaneously ensuring the site safety of construction personnel.