7 things that make your compressor tough

A truly reliable compressor must be capable of operating in the harshest conditions for extended periods of time. Here are 7 indicators that your unit is tough enough to continuously tackle even the most demanding projects.

1. Tried and tested

A diversified and rigorous testing process is essential to ensure a compressor can live up to quality standards and withstand the tough conditions of construction landscapes. At Atlas Copco all new, updated, or repaired portable air compressors are put through performance testing, which includes a leak, strength and temperature test. Tests cover a lifespan of use and replicate all the environments (f.e. low/high altitudes, low/high temperatures or dusty conditions) compressors might operate in to prevent setbacks in any eventuality.

2.Modern materials & innovation

Toughness can be optimized through adopting recent developments in material innovation. Atlas Copco portable compressors feature canopies that are made tough, allowing them to be corrosion resistant, maintenance-free, and virtually indestructible. The canopy has been tested by both engineers and customers.

3. Handle varying temperatures & pressure points