A new dimension - Augmented Reality for Hydraulic Sealing Concepts

Yet another 'Industry First', Trelleborg Sealing Solutions combines the immersive Augmented Reality (AR) technology with the new Lubrication Management Concept for a deeper understanding of the concept.

Lubrication Management - Revolutionizing Hydraulic Sealing 
Trelleborg Sealing Solutions can apply its expertise in hydraulic sealing to give clear benefits by extending service life, reducing friction and optimizing performance. Knowing that demands are ever changing, Trelleborg is continually developing new technologies and refining existing solutions to meet the ever more stringent and complex requirements of the fluid power market. 

New Fluid Power Technologies 
Pioneering the revolution in hydraulic sealing, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has invested substantial resources into the development of new lubrication management technologies through a deeper understanding of the functioning of hydraulic fluids within a sealing system, a new method of fluid management offers reduced friction and wear, resulting in extended service life. By designing components to work together more effectively with fluids and permitting lubrication to reach areas which would previously remain unlubricated, stick-slip and friction are significantly lowered

Benefits of Lubrication Management include: 
Optimizes the performance of the hydraulic system 
Reduces stick-slip 
Improves friction characteristics 
Extends system life 
Reduces maintenance needs 
Lowers total cost of ownership 

Augmented Reality 
The newly developed Hydraulics AR app assists engineers and designers to understand the Lubrication management in a much better way. The advanced AR brochure can be scanned with our proprietary mobile app to unlock interactive content on a variety of topics including new Lubrication Management technology, Service PLUS and innovative products for hydraulic applications. The Hydraulics AR app can be found in the AR Literature app, which will contain all future Augmented Reality apps from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions.