A Mine Operator convert his Costs into Revenue Stream

One of our esteemed clients, an infrastructure construction and development company from the western part of India, with diversified operations ranging from Road, Highways, Railways, Building and Factories, Mining along with several other verticals, is operating a number of Coal Mines which supply power plants in the Eastern region of India.

For one of their Coal Mine Project, they are acting as a Mine Developer and Operator (MDO) and were involved into development, operation and maintenance of a three MT per annum open cast coal mine situated in eastern region. They had executed OB removal and excavation projects in the past with the help of Surface Miner equipment but they had some blasted coal at their site which they were unable to crush into smaller size (0-100mm) with the help of a surface miner equipment.

They used to dump the oversized material (ranging from 300mm – 600mm) in their dump yard with the help of 16 m3 Dumper Trucks. They still were facing problems in filling the trucks with full capacity due to oversize material which resulted in inefficient space utilisation and hence more numbers of trucks required to dispose the material at the dump yard.

Since the crushing quantity was comparatively less, they were not willing to invest in high capex options like a Static Crusher or a Mobile Crusher. While looking for an alternative solutions, 'they found a diamond' and expressed their interest to know more about a Crusher bucket as they have a fleet of excavators ranging from 20T-40T Class.

MB Crusher Sales Team took them to see the productivity of the Crusher Bucket at one of our client's site and gave them the opportunity to undertake a demo cum sale in order to assess the productivity on the basis of the material at their site. They also were given plenty of reference customers to cross verify MB Crusher product quality.

Today, thanks to our Crusher Bucket BF135.8 they are able to crush the material (below 100mm) at an astonishing productivity of 70 m3/hr with MB crushing solutions applied directly on their excavator with nothing else required.