MB Crusher introduces the new MB-HDS523 shafts screener to the world, designed to increase productivity on the job site. 

The saying goes, "when the going gets tough, the tough get going," and this historical moment has made us take a good look at what we can do to become more combative and productive.


Over the years, our senses sharpened, we listen more, and we understand new needs with each story.


At MB Crusher, we’ve always kept an eye out for our customers needs, and today we show that we’ve been listening. our customers have shared their grievances, telling us about the difficulties they face on their job sites, and it’s these problems that we’ve used as a stepping stone for new concepts and ideas.


Two years after we launched our new range of MB-HDS shafts screeners, we realized we had the opportunity to do more.


Our customers needed something more, an advantage, and an added value on other construction sites or application areas. 


And that's where the idea for the big sister of the MB-HDS range, MB-HDS523 shafts screener bucket, was born. The biggest, strongest, and toughest. 


The unit is compatible with excavators with an operating weight ranging from 30 tons (60,000 pounds) to 45 tons (90,000 pounds) and meant for sectors where power and sturdiness are essential, such as in quarries, where you need to treat large quantities of material like coal and phosphate. Or to move, sift, and aerate tons and tons of earth, such as excavating, earthmoving, and large trenching projects.