A tough war between Adnani-Birla to reach the top in the cement-making industry

There has been a close and strong tug-of-war between the cement makers to reach the top slot. The ultimate clash is between Kumar Magaam Birla's Ultra-Tech and Adnani Cement of Gautam Sdnani. Now, the clash to be the dominant player in the market. In the May of this year, Adani won against Birla in a bidding war to have Holcim's India Business and the Ambuja Cement-ACC combined for an amount of $10.5 billion.

The Sdnani Group now includes a cumulative capacity of 66 million tonnes per annum. And this will further be improved to 80 mtpa in the upcoming two years. Gautam Adnani, the chairman of the group, states that the company will be building an inimitably integrated business model. And it would include several adjacencies of the ports and logistics. Real estate businesses and the energy of the group added with the growth rate at the existing capacity in the soon future.

And perceiving a threat, UltraTech declared a ₹13000 crore investment ram. Presently, its production capacity is 119.95 mtpa which will rise up to 159.25 mtpa. The new investment is above the ₹6500 crores that the company declared in August last year. Now, because of all the other competitive strategies and executed investments and plans, the competition between the two top contenders of cement-making groups is on, and it is to see who becomes dominant and receives the top position.