PM Narendra Modi addresses that effective and unprecedented measures have been taken by the Centre to solve Delhi-NCR issues

The Prime Minister, Sri Narendra Modi, stated that the Centre had undertaken several effective steps for solving the issues of Delhi-NCR problems while making its infrastructure modernised and advanced. He also stated that the Centre has been working unstoppably to have state-of-the-art facilities and also the exhibition of halls for world-class events in the country's capital.

He had it forth these statements after he had inserted the main tunnel and the five underpasses of the Pragati Maidan Integrated Transit Corridor Project on Sunday in New Delhi. He also added that the corridor would guarantee the most effortless lives of the people as it would help in saving time and money for the travellers effectively.

Indicating the Gatishakti master plan, the Prime Minister stated that it was formulated t9 assure that none of the projects gets postponed and the departments work peacefully with absolute awareness and information about the developments. Lastly, there will be six underpasses along with the tunnel. Among the six underpasses, four will be on Mathura Road, one at the intersection of the Ring Road and the Bhairon Marg, and one will be on the Bhairon Marg.

All the developments mentioned above and by the Prime Minister will ensure better and smoother movements of the people. And it will greatly benefit the everyday travellers, and it will save not just their time of travelling, but also will save a lot of money which otherwise would have been drained in the strenuous everyday travels.