PM Modi seeks details of pending projects.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked government departments to prepare a list of infrastructure projects that have been delayed due to decisions of courts.

He also asked for the departments to account for losses that they incurred to the exchequer by such time overruns. He made this directive at the last Pragati meeting. The Prime Minister reviewed eight projects in the meeting.

The cabinet secretary should prepare a list of projects which are delayed substantially and identify responsible authorities, agencies and officials for such delay. The list may be submitted within a week,” the minutes said.

Although the government has prioritized timely completion of projects, the fact that they have set ambitious targets to monetise the same, has brought this to the forefront. For example, the projection to monetise 26,700 km of completed NHs by 2025 to generate Rs 1.6 lakh crore is based on the stretches that are scheduled for completion over the next three years.

An informal group of ministers has been tasked to monitor the progress of the implementation of the decisions taken at Pragati meetings.