Hailstone Innovations: Growth, Products, and Future Plans

What inspired you to start Hailstone Innovations, and what has been your biggest accomplishment so far in terms of product development?

Hailstone was started in early 90s by Mr. R J Williams to cater various needs of construction equipment industry needs. Later over two decades time we grew into one of the biggest brands in India with amble export over various continents. Now Hailstone has turned out to be a one point solution provider for large number of customer across different nations and markets.

Can you discuss the types of products and services that Hailstone Innovations offers to clients, and what sets them apart from competitors?

Most modern R&D with technological advancements makes us different from all others. We provide turnkey solutions to Mining, Recycling, Crushing Screening and washing industries. We showcase a stellar assemblage of finest equipment in the industry. Hailstone provides both OEM and EPC services to the stake holders.

Can you describe a recently launched product from Hailstone Innovations, and what unique features or benefits it provides to clients?

We have moved into high capacity washing and crushing plants as well more into Mobile plants. Our SMART two stage plant on wheel concept has been widely accepted in market and have become one of the most demanded products which eases the mobility concept. Such plants can be easily installed and moved from one point to another in just a time span of two weeks.

How does Hailstone Innovations ensure the quality and reliability of its products, and what steps do you take to address any issues or concerns that arise?

360* customer feedback and continuous improvement with use of latest R&D and Technology makes our machines being tested good and best. We have a well-connected after sales service feedback which keeps us connected with all our customers and their service team. We have ensured maximum steps to reduce the downtime to minimum and ensure the availability of machines to the maximum.

What are your future plans for product development at Hailstone Innovations, and what new areas or industries are you looking to expand into?

We are more focused on African market as we have some good installations in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. Our office in Kampala will aid our activities further.

Can you discuss any community involvement or philanthropic efforts that Hailstone Innovations is involved in, related to its products or otherwise?

Our CSR initiatives every year is focused on national development and social improvements which shall help the needy to have a better life.