Read the exciting Interview of Mr. Tejas Hemani exclusively given to Construction Technology Today

Mr. Tejas Hemani, Managing Partner, Rhino Road Equipments Pvt. Ltd.

Congratulations on having installed your RBM 1500 capacity 120 TPH environment-friendly Asphalt Batch Mix Plant at Kolkata Municipal corporation Goragacha site. Kindly let us know about the features of the plant and the purpose of the Kolkata Municipal Corporations for having your plant installed at the Goragacha site.
Thank you for your kind words. It was indeed a proud moment for us, that the Hon'ble Mayor of Kolkata came for the inauguration of the plant located at Kolkata Municipal Corporation, Goragacha site.

Kolkata Municipal Corporation used to work with their old Hot Mix Plant which had a lot of operational issues. Low production & pollution was one of the main reasons and as it was increasing daily, they required an up-grade by installing a new Asphalt Batch Mix Plant. 

It was indeed our privilege to have supplied a higher-capacity Asphalt Batch Mix Plant to meet their requirements. 
The plant which is supplied has the following extra features :

- 25-30% of RAP feeding System. Our plant is designed with a high percentage of feeding system. RAP up to 30% recycled material can be transferred directly into the mixer and reduce CO2 emissions. In fact, every Rhino Plant having a “RAP” feature can trim the extra CO2 emissions.
- 50 Tons of Storage Silo for storing Mix Material.
- 2 Direct Heating 30 Ton Tanks and 2 Indirect Heating 30 Ton Tanks amounting to a total of 120 Tons of bitumen storage.
- Reverse Air Flow Bag House unit with 100 feet of chimney height.
- SCADA Integrated computerized Control Panel.

How was the year 2020 for Rhino Road Equipment Pvt. Ltd.? How did you face the Corona crisis?

The COVID-19 Pandemic created havoc worldwide with an adverse effect on the global economy. We too were affected by the lockdown period when the production had come to a standstill, but by the grace of Almighty we had enough work to keep over selves busy, we moved on and overcame the stressful phase.
 It was only during the month of March and April that our factory remained closed. However, we got special permission from the government to start production keeping in mind the safety measures. My team and I worked online and communicated via video conferences, email, and phone. 

We also stayed in touch with our clients and serviced their current issues, and also made note of their future requirements.
Have you done some more R&D or added more features or expanded on your product range during the slowdown period of Corona?

Yes, Our Engineers are continuously engaged in adding new features to the plant which improves its quality, production, and overall efficiency. 

At present we are engaged in research on utilizing plastic waste with mixing material which is very useful for improvement & lasting of roads, and environmentally friendly.

Let us know about your aftermarket services?

We are extremely vigilant about our aftermarket services. Our service team is always available for the troubleshooting of our plants located at various locations and is fully equipped to go to the site whenever required.

 Our employees have been working from home since the beginning of the lockdown and have stayed in touch with customers via multiple digital platforms. We have also continued to provide aftermarket support to our customers by scheduling services, keeping safety and convenience in mind as per the norms laid by the government authorities. 
How is your Export doing? Which countries do you export your plants too?

We are gradually progressing with our Exports. During Pandemic in the month of March, we exported Batch Mix Plant RBM-1500, 120-140 TPH capacity to Bhutan, with special permission, to construct the runway at Paro Airport. In addition, we have also exported 3 Asphalt Hot Mix Plant and other products such as Bitumen pressure distributor and Emulsion sprayer to Bhutan. We could not export to other neighboring countries such as Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bangladesh as borders were closed.