Read the exciting interview on special Asphalt / Sensor Paver by Mr. Vishal Surelia exclusively given to Construction Technology Today

Read the exciting interview on special Asphalt / Sensor Paver by Mr. Vishal Surelia exclusively given to Construction Technology Today 



While Asphalt Paver Finisher is traditionally used to lay asphalt on roads, bridges, parking lots, and other such places and provide minor compaction before it is compacted by a roller, have you added more features to enhance the capability of your Asphalt Paver Finishers?
Yes, we at Unipave can proudly say we have always laid great emphasis on R&D and innovation. We can quote an example of our Vibrating system in our Paver finishers. From our base model to the top model, we have incorporated the feature of both the compaction and vibration and offer to our customers. Both these features are necessary to build better roads and raise the performance of our customers as per MORTH.

Even in our Mechanical pavers we have provided vibrating the system like the Sensor paver which brings tremendous value to our customers.

With a series of lockdown and unlock down and now low activity due to monsoon, has your company announced any maintenance plans of your Asphalt Paver Finishers bought by your customers?
As we know, most of the world has been affected more or less by the due to COVID-19. There were a series of lockdown which was a forced downtime for construction activities.

Also, the monsoon season is not good for Road Construction work and Machines get affected by the level of moisture in the air.

These conditions demand a good overhaul and maintenance of Machines that lie idle in weather conditions.

So it is the right time to do maintenance work. We at Unipave make special announcements during this time of the year to our customers to go for maintenance and they respond well to our appeal for replacements of spare/parts/components and maintenance of the Pavers.
Incidentally this season we have received good orders for spare/parts/components from our contractors and from the market. 

Asphalt Pavers are mostly used outdoors. What do you think the new normal will be for Road Construction? 

We do not think there will be any major changes coming in Road Construction work being done by Road Contractors. However, we recommend social distancing, wearing masks, and maintaining hygiene both at the site and while operating the Pavers.
We also take great care of our service engineers while sending them for maintenance work. we remind them through WhatsApp messages and during our phone conversation to follow local  government guidelines, wearing masks, checking the body temperature of co-workers and maintaining social distancing while working at the site.