Read the exciting interview on special Asphalt / Sensor Paver by Mr. Sanjay Sureliya exclusively given to Construction Technology Today

 Read the exciting interview on special Asphalt / Sensor Paver by Mr. Sanjay Sureliya exclusively given to Construction Technology Today

While Asphalt / Sensor Paver is traditionally used to lay asphalt on roads, bridges, parking lots, and other such places and provide minor compaction before it is compacted by a roller, have you added more features to enhance the capability of your Asphalt / Sensor Paver?

Traditionally paver machine were used for laying Asphalt Macadam only, but now it is used for laying wet mix, GSB, DLC and DBM material also. So we have adapted the trends and made all our machines suitable for it. For long term reliability of machine we use minimum hose pipes and maximum MS pipes, which occupies much less space and are easy to clamp and eliminates limitations of hose pipes. 

In our hydrostatic sensor paver finisher Model VP-05, wheels on rear and front axle are mounted on equalizer beam which gives better riding quality in uneven terrain. This machine is very particularly designed to ensure efficient operations and long lasting performance with maximum uptime. At UNITER, machinery performance is first in mind when designing the asphalt / Sensor paver machine apart from it we focus on quality, workmanship, easy operation & maintenance while working at project.

Can digitization be useful for monitoring the multitasking of your Asphalt / Sensor Paver?

The construction industry is a cost-sensitive industry, the initial investment in latest technology equipment or IT was always in question for the industry. However, since last couple of years, some companies have started leveraging technologies such as industrial IoT for real-time data monitoring, data analytics, predictive maintenance for enhancing availability, efficiency, and boosting margins. Still, customers are not using this technology has many reasons, one of them is it requires skilled labour and the second deterrent is cost as these technologies are expensive. Currently we have initiated to induct these technologies keeping our machines cost-effective for customers.

With a series of lockdown and unlock down and now low activity due to monsoon has your company announced any maintenance plans of your Asphalt / Sensor Paver bought by your customers.

Pandemic COVID-19 has narrowed down travelling of our service engineer but has not diminished our attentions. During monsoon and partial / full lockdown period, our service team was active troubleshooting problems digitally and guiding customers for paver warehousing. Large objective of this program is to build a strong bond with our valuable customer. Scheduling and reminding customers for monsoon machine maintenance is a repetitive job which is done by our service team efficiently every year. 

Asphalt / Sensor Pavers are mostly used outdoors. What do you think the new normal will be for your Asphalt Paver? 

Compaction is one of the most critical processes associated with constructing highways and checking it manually does not provide accurate results as well as delays the process. Adopting technologies such as electronic sensor will fasten the construction process of roads and highways which are much more durable and have a longer life span which requires less maintenance. Regular pavers without sensors simply follow the undulations of the road base and therefore are unable to give a smooth finish to a paved surface. But sensor pavers have intelligent operating technology that helps the machine deliver on mat thickness, leveling and accurate grade and ultimate quality riding experience to travellers. 

Is the online marketing efforts, work from home trend changed the way companies do business now?

Yes, online marketing efforts and work from home trend has changed the way companies do business now. With online marketing, all the details regarding products are now on fingertips and it is easy to communicate with customer.  

How new generation of hydrostatic paver machine are better than conventional mechanical paver machine. 

Our new generation of Hydrostatic Paver Finisher Machine Model UHD-45 gives better performance and output compared to the conventional mechanical paver. New technology in today's asphalt-paving marketplace adds profitability that previous generations of mechanical paver could only dream of. Here are two ways to uncover efficiencies at your asphalt business – and significantly improve your bottom line. 

  • It has less maintenance cost due to fully hydraulic functionality.
  • Easy and effortless operation

Due to fully hydraulic system for the transmission and conveyor system it gives more productivity, fuel efficiency and can deliver more value over the machine's lifetime. The initial cost of this machine is high compared to conventional mechanical paver but in the long-run it is worth investing for quality, durability and trouble free working.