Read the exciting Interview of Mr. Saumil Shah exclusively given to Construction Technology Today

Quality Never says Sorry.

Congratulations on your new venture KAUSHIK CONINFRA. Kindly let us know what made decide to venture into the Concrete segment? What product line you will manufacture and market for a Concrete segment?
Thanks for the compliments. KAUSHIK CONIFRA has been my dream for quite some time. With the growing demand for Concrete equipment because of rising in the smart cities, flyovers, bridges airports, and high risers the Concrete segment fascinated me.

Besides my 14 years of experience with the Asphalt Batch Mix plant and our customers' continuous demand for Concrete plants led to think to venture into the Concrete segment.

My USA experience also came in handy. As you know most roads in the USA are Concrete based. Thus I always thought of doing dome substantial work in the Concrete segment.

Initially, KAUSHIK CONINFRA will build Concrete Batch Mix Plants in various capacities. We will also build a Mobile version beginning from 2OTPH. 

Later on, we want to include Transit Mixers, Vacuum Pump and Truck Mounted Mobile Concrete Mixers.

With your 14 years of experience in selling Road Construction Equipment what do you think will be your USP for your product line?
We believe in delivering value - Quality at a good price. This practice has led to building our reputation in Asphalt and we will continue to enlarge this image of KAUSHIK CONINFRA. We will be extra vigilant with our aftermarket services and are going to deploy some most contemporary methods to resolve clients' problems.

What market do you wish to sell your Concrete plant/Equipment initially? Do you have the International market in consideration now?
With the help of a global network, we will surely live up to our customer's expectations. KAUSHIK CONINFRA will aim at both national and international markets. The maxim THINK GLOBALLY ACT LOCALLY will be our guiding force. 

With competition from MNCs and some MSME, how do you position your newly formed company? What market segment you are targeting?
I really don't see any competition from any quarter, I have done my homework well and I know how to deliver value. We have sold to MNCs and both large and small contractors worldwide. So now they're asking.

What IT features have you envisaged for your product/services to make your company have a progressive outlook?
All our plants are PLC SCADA based but we are in the process of expanding parameters for our control Panels, adding features on our websites like order tracking and trouble shooting, and will device online courseware for operators and project managers,

IN short, we want to make our customer say AHA! Once they deal with us