JAWS Tech Engineering: Pioneering Wear Protection for Mining Excellence

Anto Sebastian, CEO of JAWS Tech Engineering, recently spoke about the company's plans to continue creating highly wear-resistant tooltips for crushing and mining applications in this specific product category.

If you'd like to know more about our solutions for the mining sector, I'd be glad to share. At Team JAWSTECH, we believe in continuous improvement and adding value. So we analyzed the mining industry and recognized that wear and tear, and the ensuing failures, are the biggest challenges faced by this sector. We approached this issue systematically and developed a range of polyurethane wear liners, scrappers, skirt boards, flip flops, modular screens, and other accessories that offer our clients guaranteed wear protection for their chutes, screens, and carry-point systems. This reduces operating costs by extending service life, reducing personnel costs, and minimizing downtime.

When we talk about adding value, we can demonstrate this with our JAWS primary scrapper series. This is a scraping mechanism for conveyor systems that removes carrybacks and reduces belt wear, thereby increasing efficiency, productivity, and safety. It keeps conveyor systems cleaner, safer, and more productive. It even converts carrybacks and spillage into marketable goods, thereby adding value to the process.

One of the biggest misconceptions in the industry, particularly when it comes to polyurethane and related wear parts, is that only one type of POLYURETHANE GRADE can be used in all applications. This is a colossal blunder, and Chinese and a few Indian firms primarily promote it. We can develop this elastomer in a variety of ways and a variety of grades. All application parameters should be considered in the design, polymer selection, and formulations, or the product will fail sadly.

Apart from these polyurethane-based products, we also offer a wide range of revolutionary tungsten carbide product lines. We have created highly wear-resistant tooltips for crushing and mining applications in this product range. We focus on tool holder casting metallurgy and tungsten carbide powder metallurgy, enabling us to offer a more robust product range with better TPH support. We are open to innovation and understand that it's impossible to progress without trying. We have overcome many challenges by breaking the design and production of conventional verticals with an innovative approach. We offer tailored solutions by analyzing our client's pain points.