Patil Group: Revolutionizing Rail Infrastructure with Innovative Solutions

In conversation with Mr. Subrahmaniyam Kokkonda, MD, he revealed that the company has a rich history spanning over 50 years.

Patil Group stands as a prominent player in the rail infrastructure industry, providing the Indian Railways with high-quality pre-stressed concrete sleepers. With a mission to become the preferred rail track engineering solutions provider, they offer a diverse range of products and services, which include turnouts, fastening systems, and innovative boundary walls. Patil Group stays ahead by embracing emerging technologies, fostering international collaborations, and investing in fully automated sleeper manufacturing plants.

Can you give us an overview of Patil Group's history and mission statement?

Patil Group, ventured into the rail infrastructure business in 1971, by manufacturing and supplying of Pre stressed concrete sleepers. Today, as we speak, Patil Group is an ISO Certified company which has served Indian Railways for more than 5 decades which is one of the largest Rail Network in the world and engine of growth for the country and backbone of Indian Economy.

Our mission is to become the MOST PREFFERED and UNMATCHED One Stop Solution for most innovative rail track engineering solutions for the safer and faster rail travel, which may include Sleepers, Fastening Systems, BLT Tracks for Urban Metros and high-speed tracks, etc.

What are the core products and services offered by Patil Group, and how do they differentiate from competitors in the market?

Our Core Products include manufacturing and supply of Pre Stressed Concrete Sleepers and Turnouts, Fastening Systems, Patil Rheda, BLT Tracks, etc.

We are ahead of our competitors as we deliver the highest standards of quality products in a timely manner, which is the result of our teamwork. We offer cost effective solutions and products as we have adopted Backward integration in manufacturing of all our products and have put controls on all major raw materials for our products. For Eg.- we produce wire for our own products, inserts for our sleepers, our own crushers ensure non-disruptive supply of metal, etc.  Unlike our competitors we are least dependent on external suppliers except for Cement and Admixture.

Can you describe any new product launches or innovations that Patil Group has recently introduced, and how they have contributed to the company's success?

Patil Group has recently taken up EPC Projects as well and has used its Precast Concrete experience to manufacture, supply and install Precast Concrete Boundary Walls to prevent Cattle Run Over and to ensure safety of Rail Tracks. We had set-up largest, indigenous and exclusive Precast Boundary Wall Manufacturing Unit at Bharatpur and Bhopal. This segment has almost increased our revenue by 20% and we are looking forward to be bullish in this segment to make our mark at PAN India level, like our Sleeper Division.

Can you share some examples of how Patil Group's products and services have successfully met the needs of its customers?

Customer Delight is at the heart of Patil Group. We are highly motivated to deliver and exceed our customer's expectations. Today, Indian Railways is carrying 24 Million passengers and 200 Million Tonne of freight on daily basis and we are proud to be largest contributor of Track Solutions for achieving this feat by our customer. With improvements in technology and challenges, the needs of our customers are also changing. As a part of National Rail Plan 2030, we are committed to helping our customers to execute smooth upgradation of speed to 160 Kmph on Delhi- Howrah and Delhi-Mumbai Routes. In line with same, to increase rail movement speed, we are executing Precast Boundary Wall Project in various divisions like WCR, WR, NCR, etc.

Indian Railways is planning upgradation of all tracks and laying of 20 Km per day or 7000 Kms in FY 2023-24. With 18 PSC Sleepers manufacturing units strategically located across length and breadth of the country, We are ready to deliver to the expectations of our customer and are most preferred choice with established capacity.

How does Patil Group stay ahead of emerging technologies and trends in the industry, and incorporate them into its product offerings?

Patil Group has always been at forefront to adopt international and emerging technologies. We have teamed up with PORR Austria to manufacture and supply of PORR Ballast less track, which are being used in India's First NCRTC Delhi-Meerut Project. We are First Sleeper Manufacture to establish Long Line Sleeper Manufacturing plant procured from ITALY to deliver high quality products.

If you see the recent trends in fencing adopted by Railways, they have switched to Metal Beam Crash Barriers, apart from Precast Fencing and fortunately, we got a chance to fence 270 Kms of Track in Surat-Virar Section of Western Railways. We are closely working with our customers to develop products which are in line with their requirement and help us in achieving our mission, as well.

Can you discuss any upcoming products or technologies that Patil Group is currently working on, and how they will benefit customers in the future?

We are working on to change the way of manufacturing of Pre stressed concrete sleepers and trying to set-up a sleeper unit with No-Man Operation or Fully Automatic Plant. Instead of conventional method, we are trying to experiment the merry go round carousal methodology in India which is followed in many European Countries. The No-Man Operation plant will ensure strict quality compliance, reduce our dependence on workmanship of products and non-disruptive supply of Finished Goods which will benefit our customer in completion of ambiguous National Rail Plan 2030.