Providing advanced asphalt batch mix plants with European technology.

What are the reasons for increased demand for Asphalt Batch Mix Plants in India? How is the demand-supply scenario?

Presently, India is addressing the huge infrastructure deficit which has existed since independence. Until mid of the last decade, Concrete roads found favor with the policy makers due to expected and assumed lower Life cycle cost and higher longevity of roads. Later on, there was a realization that bituminous roads are equally good, more eco-friendly, easy to repair and recycle, thus a major shift happened towards bituminous roads, kicking up the demand for Asphalt Batch Mix Plants.

With new highway projects by NHAI and rural road projects being undertaken on a massive scale, the infrastructure sector is rapidly gaining traction after a slowdown. The government’s new policy initiatives and support have fueled the positive trends in this sector.

Indian has developed adequate manufacturing capacity under “MAKE IN INDIA” initiative of Government and manufacturers are ready to cater any surge in demand.

What are the key features of your Asphalt Batch Mix Plant? What options are you offering?

With design sourced from Europe, RHINO technology consists of future ready Asphalt Batch Mix Plants which can quickly adapt to fast paced developments expected in Indian roads design. We have provisions to retrofit attachments and options in future, in line with changing mix designs, different recycling technologies, colored Asphalt, Warm Mix Asphalt, etc. Some of the key features and offerings are: -

•   Modular Structure adding flexibility and faster set up time.

•  Different types of flights in Dryer Drum to maximize veiling of aggregates for higher thermal efficiency

•  Low noise, modular Burner well-synced with Dryer design to optimize fuel consumption and adhering to global safety and pollution standards. Option of multi fuel burner is provided which can use three different types of fuel like LDO, Diesel, Furnace Oil, Natural Gas, Coal, etc.

•  Special mixes requiring higher temperature like CRMB, Mastic Asphalt can be easily produced in our Plant and it operates to optimum capacity even in severe cold climatic conditions.

•  Properly sized Twin Shaft Pug Mill Mixer ensures peripheral and gravitation movement of aggregates with minimum agitation to minimize in plant ageing and oxidation and  resulting in homogeneous hot mix and higher productivity.

•   Precise dosing and metering system for aggregates, bitumen and additives adheres to hot mix design parameters.

•  Bag house filter based on reverse cleaning mechanism and higher filtering area ensures less power consumption and cleaner emission. Aramid fiber bags are used for longevity, sustaining higher exhaust temperatures for special mixes, RAP usages and meeting emission norms in most stringent conditions too.

•   Special wear resistant alloy steels are used for lining of various components for longer life and lesser maintenance cost.

•  Bought out components like electric motors, VFD, gear boxes, chains, pumps, cylinders, valves, etc. are source from world renowned companies for higher reliability.

•  PLC based Controls with remote access and SCADA software is provided for ease of operation and data storage and sharing on REAL TIME basis.

How do you look at the competition in this segment which is getting tougher, and what makes your company stand apart in this segment?

Competition is always there in any segment of business and in my view, it should be welcomed with open arms. We too have competition with multinational and local companies and it keep us on toes to always improvise, optimize and innovate to offer better return on investment to the customers.

Our constant endeavour has been to incorporate the latest cutting-edge technology in order to offer long-term solutions and add value proposition to customers’ operations.

How does Asphalt Batch Mix Plant contribute to sustainable road construction?

Global warming, deforestation, depleting natural resources and environmental conditions has changed the global perspective about looking at any technology in every sector. The challenge now in perspective of the global scenario is, not on how to get the job done but how much efficiently and sustainable these jobs can be done and with which technologies. This has created a sort of benchmark which will be a differentiation among the countries and India cannot remain isolated in its own island. We at RHINO, accepted these challenges and geared our R&D team to develop various sustainable technologies in this field like use of Construction and demolition waste, RAP, Waste Fuel Oil, lower the carbon emission – to lower the impact on environment and lead to sustain ability.

Tell us about the potential for export and to what extent your company has geared up to meet the challenges in the international markets?

Global economy was recovering slowly from post Covid recession when another shock jittered the world with RUSSIA-UKRAIN conflict. Nevertheless, world has started to live with it and in the last few months we have witnessed some positive movement in export market with demand picking up gradually. The demand and liking for Indian made equipment have increased in recent past due to reliability, price competitiveness and strong push by the federal Government of India showcasing – “ADVANTAGE INDIA” partnership across the globe.

At RHINO, we grabbed this opportunity with both hands and increased our manufacturing capabilities. We have invested in new facility at Gujarat apart from modernizing our existing facility in West Bengal, to cater to emerging demand in international market. With sate of the art facility housed with modern machines, experienced R&D team having pulse on the market requirement, we have already started seeding our equipment in developing countries and coming days will see our equipment running successfully in various countries across the globe.

What else do you want our readers to know about your Asphalt Batch Mix Plant and your company?

At RHINO we want to partner in prosperity of customer and end user, instead of mere selling equipment to them.

To create a distinct differentiation, we have modeled our Product Support Services on best practices prevailing across the globe. Our Product Support Team believes in proactive support instead of reactive support and always lives in “YESTERDAY MODE”. Will like to share a small example - we earmark every equipment with a product support person and he would be responsible for providing maximum uptime for that particular equipment to the customer and this is monitored continuously by the management team. Thus, giving customer a peace of mind and lower cost of maintenance.

Further, we have a huge inventory of over 1 million parts of similar make of equipment including ours. So, any customer can bank upon us for immediate availability of spare parts including insurance spares of any make of similar equipment in our product line.

I want to conclude with an assurance that our endeavor is to offer customer “DELIGHT” with our product and services.