Asphalt Batch Mix Plants a key component of future road construction

What are the reasons for increased demand for Asphalt Batch Mix Plants in India? How is the demand-supply scenario?

Definitely, there is boost in all types of Asphalt Mixing Plant since 5-6 months and specially there significance increase in demand of Asphalt Batch Mix Plant in entire nation. Boost in road development in the nation is one of the reasons increase in demand of Asphalt Batch Mix Plants and in addition to previous statement, at other end Government's policy towards compulsion of Asphalt Batch Mix Plant in State PWD Projects. Earlier it was mandatory in National Highway Projects only and since over a decade many stats have made it mandatory in State PWD Roads as well and now such states are increasing day by day. So now small or retail contractors are also procuring Asphalt Batch Mix Plants in small districts and numbers are growing rapidly. Government wants to upgrade the quality of flexible pavement roads, so this step was taken long back, and it has improved the quality as well of asphalt roads.

 What are the key features of your Asphalt Batch Mix Plant? What options are you offering?

Nilang Asphalt Equipments is one of the few manufacturing facility where all key components are being manufactured in-house. Only multi nation manufacturers who have open up their Global Manufacturing Hub in India have that capabilities. So, we have total control over manufacturing process and quality. All key units are being tested at our manufacturing facility before installation. We are now moving towards online control system in our all models/categories of Asphalt Plants.

One recent development is that Nilang Asphalt Equipments has developed Low Pressure Burner for Drying and Heating Drum for Asphalt Batch Mix Plant. Which was offered by only global players in India. We are final testing stage and soon we will incorporate that in our standard feature. It will help our clients to reduce fuel consumption by almost 40% and will reduce the operation cost and maintenance. We have added few more machines in our offerings lie Mastic Asphalt Batch Mix Plant, Mastic Cooker, Micro Surfacing Solution for Flexible Pavement, Mechanical Paver Finishers and Concrete Mixing Plants.

Nilang Asphalt Equipments is only indigenous manufacturer of Mastic Asphalt Batch Mix Plant.

How do you look at the competition in this segment which is getting tougher, and what makes your company stand apart in this segment?

Competition has always been there in market but in last couple of years there have been significance addition of new players in Asphalt Batch Mix Plant category. Which is good and bad both. It depends how to take it up. Because competition must be always healthy and for the technical aspects. But now a days it has been differentiated in two categories, one is price based and other is technology based. We are trying to fight at both stages and trying to serve all types of clients. We have developed economic models as well and we have premium category as well for those customers who are aware of the updated technology and wants to use it. We are always keen to update ourselves with new technology to serve our clients well.

How does Asphalt Batch Mix Plant contribute to sustainable road construction?

Government has accepted that quality of flexible pavement can be improved by Asphalt Batch Mix Plant. The asphalt material produced by Asphalt Batch Mix Plant helps to maintain the proper gradation of all ingredients as per recipe given in road tenders. It is important that concerns government department / personals keep close watch at all activities of the production of asphalt material and it will make much better asphalt roads.

Tell us about the potential for export and to what extent your company has geared up to meet the challenges in the international markets?

Post covid time exports in each and every categories have seen hike. In construction machineries also we have very good potential.

We already have presence in Asia, Africa, and Latin American markets.

We have special focus on international business development. In order to do so, we are aggressively participating in various trade shows to create awareness in respective markets. Finding out suitable dealer networks and trying to increase our presence in international market. Local partners in respective country will help to provide assurance to buyers for quality of equipment and after sales-services. Because in order to do sale machines in global market, buyers will always prefer manufacturers who have local dealers / channel partners to get sufficient after-sales support. So, we are determinedly working on those aspects to get success in international market.

What else do you want our readers to know about your Asphalt Batch Mix Plant and your company?

Nilang is more than two decades old group. Serving in different markets like, heavy industrial cable and switch gears, medical related chemicals, road and building construction and equipment manufacturing. Our clients have faith in the company name and its services. We have sold more than 100 machines in last 6-7 years, which is remarkable success. For us customer comes first. Good quality of machines and service is our main virtue.