Mayur Jain Co-Founder & CEO Shrisai Eco Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Kindly highlight your daily roles and responsibilities in the company and the mindset that is required to handle the large scale of operations in it.

Being a manufacturer & solution provider, Infrastructure development has been one of the primary focus areas for us at Shri Sai Eco Solutions (SSES) as our vision is to ensure sustainable growth with societal consciousness in all aspects of our work.

At organizational level; expanding the company, involvement in strategic decisions, developing new products, building communication and developing relations with government department and seamless functioning of overall operations and resources of our company are among my daily roles & responsibilities.

About mindset I would just say “Stop Fearing Failure…”

What is your opinion on the current position of the company in the market?

In a very short span of time SSES has contributed to important sectors like Roads, Highways, Railways, Environmental protection, Costal Protection, Real estate, Power-Mining.... covering different applications like Slope Stabilization, Rockfall protection, Ground improvement, Hydraulic works, Embankment protection, Retaining structure and more.

We are happy to have established our reputation as a company committed to providing engineering solutions to complex geotechnical problems as well as developing economic and safe designs for environmental problems.

How has the industrial GABION / Geotechnical manufacturing industry evolved in the last five years and what are the opportunities that have been created for the players in this domain.

The incorporation of advancements in information technology into manufacturing technology and systems, aiming at a higher level of automation and digitalization has led to the overall improvement of processes, services and products. Several tools and technologies have been brought into picture for betterment and accuracy.

The increase in focus and budget spending by Government in Infrastructure sector opens up growth avenues for all the infrastructure companies and related ancillaries’ industries.

It is great to see our government’s expansion plans and multiple initiatives that’s already a work in progress at different zones and I must highlight how these will also contribute significantly towards the overall economic growth of remote border areas specially in UT of Ladakh, J&K and the states of Uttarakhand, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim and many others.

The above are definitely opening up a lot of opportunities for the competent players in Geotechnical domain.

Being a product Manufacturing Company and Geotechnical Solution provider, what are the market expectations that the company has to keep up with provided the rapidly changing consumer demand.

Being a solution provider & manufacturer, we mainly focus on offering Environment Friendly solutions keeping in mind the optimum project cost and high safety standards. With the changing customer demand, it is of utmost importance that we just don’t provide a solution but an INNOVATIVE SOLUTION.

Elaborate on the range of products manufactured by SSES and the differentiating factors that make them stand apart in the market.

SHRI SAI proudly walks the talk of a sustainable company. That means SHRI SAI produces inherently green products, is conscious of its impact on the environment, treats all stakeholders with kindness, dignity and respect and provides opportunities for economic advancement, social well-being and equity. We are an end-to-end solution provider!!

How has been the overall journey of the company since inception in terms of growth, revenue, and geographical presence?

SSES has grown from a small startup to a professional organization with better understanding and successful completion of projects with great innovation and scientific procedure. Now, our project line-up includes work in major sectors like thermal power plants, refineries, bridges & highways, commercial & residential infrastructure, metro & railways, river bank etc.

With our PAN India projects our main focus area is still North East of India and North India. Our Export Revenue is around 20% & CAGR around 78%.

What are the expansion plans for Shri Sai Eco Solutions Pvt. Ltd.? Where do you see the company in the coming five years?

As already mentioned, the increase in Government initiatives in Infrastructure sector has and will open up growth avenues for all the infrastructure companies which in tern will also call for global interest giving ample number of opportunities to grow.

Using progressive, innovative & sustainable solution Shri Sai Eco Solutions envisions being the primary preference in civil engineering, geotechnical and environmental construction markets at all times both nationally and globally. We will ensure sustainable growth with societal consciousness in all aspects of our work.

Is there anything else about the company that you want highlighted in the article?

SSES support global commercial and government clients focused on water, environment, sustainable infrastructure, renewable energy, and international development.

We recognize our commitment to the society at large and are aware of the implications of our work in nation building. We work with the motto “We protect environment today for tomorrow’s progress”.

We also believe that we can’t change the industry as individuals; we have to do it collectively in synergy with other geotechnical domain leaders, our partners believing in us and working with us & our strong talented team members.

Thank You!!