Read the exciting interview on Asphalt Paver by Mr. Vishal Surelia exclusively given to Construction Technology Today

Kindly let us know the range of your Asphalt Paver?
UNIPAVE Asphalt paver range includes sensor paver finisher models ESP-05, ASP-075 and ACP-09 having maximum paving width of 5.5 meters, 7.5 meters and 9 meters respectively. We also have a Hydrostatic Paver Finisher model HAP-045HD which is having maximum paving width of 4.5 meters. We offer our HAP-045HD model to customers who are looking for a mechanical paver finisher. Also the HAP-045HD can be equipped with sensor device support if there is such requirement by customer. So right now, all paver finisher models which we offer are equipped with a Hydrostatic transmission system and hydraulic conveyor system.  We are also going to launch BS-IV engine variants of our paver finishers very soon.

Have you recently added new features keeping in mind the emerging market in India?
Being an old manufacturer of asphalt paver finishers, we at UNIPAVE have done many upgrades in our machines till now and also from time to time we will continue adding features which will be required. In our one of the most successful models ESP-05, we have recently added a diesel spray system and conveyor reversible system. However, our latest innovations include our paver finisher models ASP-075 and HAP-045HD. The ASP-075 is a sensor paver finisher having 7.5-meter paving width and many more advanced features like vibration and compaction till 7.5-meter width, electric screed heating system, MOBA Matic sensors for automatic slope and grade control, MOBA made control panels and separate drives for augers and conveyors, etc. which gives the machine the functional advantages which are required in present times for paving high-quality roads in our country. While the HAP-045HD also comes with hydrostatic transmission system and a hydraulic conveyor system which we have placed against the mechanical pavers. Most of the other manufacturers are providing random gear system for transmission in their mechanical paver finisher. But we believe that it is a very wise decision to use the machine with hydrostatic transmission because hydrostatic transmission gives more uptime, less maintenance and ease of operation in comparison to mechanical transmission machines. We can also supply HAP-045HD paver finisher with Sensor Device if there is such requirement.

With two consecutive years of Pandemics, how did your company face the bad times?
The COVID 19 pandemic has taught us all many things. It has impacted everyone's lives, even if one is infected with the virus or not. We, as a company, also faced tough times last year because many of our employees were found COVID positive so we had to take many precautions, but this year during the second wave the impact was severe. However, we are feeling things are going to get normal soon.

With most departments working from home do you see this arrangement more efficient?
We are a manufacturing company, so we had to keep the workshop open. But we took precautions like only 50% staff can work at a time in our premises. Most of our office staff was working from home during the pick of the COVID 19 cases. Also, we arranged testing for COVID 19 of our employees at our factory from time to time with the help of a nearby urban health centre. The tests helped us a lot to stop spreading the virus among our employees and their families.