Cortec® Presents New MCI® Admixtures Brochure: Simple, Sure, Safe Technology For Extending Concrete Service Life!
Cortec® Presents New MCI® Admixtures Brochure: Simple, Sure, Safe Technology For Extending Concrete Service Life!

Cortec's updated MCI® Admixtures brochure presents a revolutionary way to extend the service life of reinforced concrete structures. Among the more than 50 patents that Cortec® has earned in corrosion inhibiting technology, MCI® Technology offers innovative protection for metal reinforcement in concrete.

Corroded rebar is often the cause of concrete deterioration, which can in turn lead to costly repairs, financial losses, injury, or even death. Cortec's MCI® products have the unique ability to migrate through concrete to protect embedded ferrous metals and extend the lifespan of new or existing concrete structures.

As the brochure explains, three major causes of corrosion in concrete are chlorides, carbonation, and industrial pollutants. Though the high pH of new concrete initially offers a safe environment for steel rebar, the previously mentioned environmental factors can lower pH or compromise the protective passive oxide layer that naturally forms on embedded reinforcement. This allows an electrochemical reaction to take place between anodic and cathodic points on the metal, resulting in corrosion. As rust builds up and expands in volume, concrete cracking and spalling occur.

While other corrosion treatments are costly or impossible to apply once a concrete structure has been built, MCI® can be easily admixed into new concrete or applied to existing structures at minimal cost. MCI's ability to migrate through concrete means it can protect reinforcing metal without being applied directly to rebar, providing corrosion protection that is superior to standard inorganic inhibitors.

MCIs are mixed inhibitors that offer corrosion protection at both the anode and cathode. As shown in brochure images, MCI® in the vapor phase migrates through the concrete pore structure until it comes into contact with embedded metal, forming a protective molecular layer on its surface. This ionic attraction allows MCI® to penetrate into the surface of the metal deeper than water, chlorides or other aggressive contaminants.

Past tests have determined that MCI® admixtures are effective for periods in excess of 30 years. Additional tests have shown that MCI® admixtures do not compromise the physical properties of concrete. In fact, MCI® products have repeatedly exceeded ASTM test requirements for compressive and flexural strengths. 

A helpful guide at the end of the brochure describes MCI® product characteristics, dosage, and application. Where appropriate, these products can be applied with Cortec's portable and direct feed dispensing systems for dosing admixtures into concrete.

The MCI® Admixtures brochure is a great resource for understanding the causes of corrosion and implementing effective steps of protection. With MCI® Technology, you have a simple, sure, and safe solution to ensure the longest possible life span of your concrete structure.


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